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Kremlin’s Secret Plan: Fake Protests against Erdogan and Turkey

Rasmus Paludan, party chairman of the ethno-nationalist Danish party Stram Kurs, at a demonstration in Stockholm 2021. Photo Fredrik Swartling
Rasmus Paludan, party chairman of the ethno-nationalist Danish party Stram Kurs, at a demonstration in Stockholm 2021. Photo Fredrik Swartling

According to a leaked document obtained by the Swedish newspaper Expressen, the Kremlin has a secret plan to organize fake protests against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey. The document, which was allegedly written by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, outlines a strategy to create the appearance of widespread public opposition to Erdogan and his policies.

The plan involves using social media to spread disinformation and propaganda, as well as organizing fake protests and demonstrations in cities around the world. The document suggests that the protests should focus on issues such as human rights abuses, corruption, and Turkey’s military interventions in Syria and Libya.

The document also suggests that the protests should be organized in coordination with other countries, including Iran and China, which have their own grievances against Turkey. The goal of the plan is to create the impression that Erdogan is facing widespread international opposition, and to undermine Turkey’s standing in the international community.

The leaked document has been met with strong condemnation from Turkish officials, who have accused Russia of interfering in Turkey’s internal affairs. The Turkish Foreign Ministry released a statement calling the document “a clear indication of Russia’s hostile attitude towards Turkey.”

The Kremlin has denied the authenticity of the document, with Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova calling it “fake news.” However, the document’s contents are consistent with Russia’s broader strategy of using disinformation and propaganda to influence public opinion and sow discord in other countries.

The revelation of the Kremlin’s alleged plan to organize fake protests against Erdogan and Turkey is likely to further strain relations between Russia and Turkey, which have already been strained by conflicts in Syria and Libya. It also highlights the growing threat of disinformation and propaganda in the digital age, and the need for greater vigilance and transparency in countering these threats.

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