Lack of Islamic uproar to ISIS is very telling. (Part 1/3)



ISIS or IS (Islamic State) has recently burst onto the scene in a spectacular and brutal fashion. The numerous horrors they are inflicting on people is mind-numbing. Not since the Middle Ages has there risen such an evil bloodthirsty group of zealots killing in the name of a God, the closest comparison must be The Holy Crusades under the banner of Christianity during the middle ages.

ISIS is an offshoot of AL Qaeda with a fanatical religious doctrine under strict Sharia law. Since its establishment in 2006 it’s been another one of the numerous terror groups operating in Iraq, but recently it cemented itself as the premier popular movement of radical Islam. ISIS recent notoriety is due in part to the Syrian Civil War and the gains (post the US pull out) in Iraq against the US trained Iraqi forces.

Since its meteoritic rise ISIS have consolidated different Jihadist factions under a black banner and the dream of a “Caliphate” To the surprise of many they have conquered vast amounts of land, millions of dollars, oil refineries and an immense arsenal of American made weapons (including Apache Helicopters that they don’t know how to fly, yet). While that is impressive in its own right and should make us take notice, what really sets them apart is their marketing and global recruitment.

Using Twitter and YouTube, they have recruited Muslims both young and old in vast numbers from all over the world. Posting gruesome videos & pictures of mass executions, crucifixions, beheadings along with a flair for depraved brutality like burying women and children alive, rape and forced slavery of non-Sunni-Muslim women, all while spouting the ideology of an Islamic Caliphate. Both the success and the brutality have shocked the world.

Now all of this frankly should incense and terrify us as human beings but it’s taken a long time to even register (recent small involvement by US/UK in a rescue operation) Most notable though is the deafening silence from the so called moderate Moslem countries and worldwide communities (who are so quick to rally & voice apposition to the death toll in Gaza in spectacular numbers), out of a population of 1.4 billion Arabs one would think a good amount would be very vocal in opposition of ISIS brutality, but yet mostly we hear nothing but silence and in some cases like in Jordan, Gaza & Lebanon we hear support in terms of marches and banners. Here in lies the problem and my analysis

What the ISIS movement has shown us is the following. One, it’s galvanized the so called fringe members, the crazies, the couch jihadist, the fanatical believers in Allah to its one black flag, hence the multitude of foreign fighters from the UK, France, Australia and so on. What is even more apparent though is it’s giving “normal westernized” young Moslems, (many are mostly unemployed, mostly uneducated) a theology that they can really get behind and identify with. In a lot of the interviews and clips posted by ISIS we see a recurring theme, English speaking Jihadist telling fellow Muslims to join the war, people to convert or die, an insistence that one must live under Sharia Law. Another common theme telling from the clips is the apparent grievances of world behavior to the Muslim people (much like the Germans post Versailles) along with a promise that ISIS is “coming soon to a town near you”, along with the rhetoric that ISIS flags will fly on top of the White House, and Sharia Law will dominate globally (one day)

Two; The complete lack of Muslims voicing strong opposition both vocally and militarily tells us that even though they are butchering fellow Shiite Muslims (besides Kurds & Christians) it’s not really something they want to speak out against. We have seen no marches against ISIS but on the contrary an influx of ISIS flags at the anti-Israel marches. In Paris, one was draped on a statute, another hanging by a government building at The Hague. While silence is complicit, this seems far from silent. In fact the rise of ISIS seems to have emboldened Muslim communities in Europe in its quest for Sharia Law and independence of local government law. Along with more reports of demonic sermons, rabid Jew hate, preaching the need for Sharia and fights with outsiders in heavily Muslim populated areas. In places like Tower Hamlet London black ISIS flags flew guarded by Muslim youth. In Norway Muslims have recently demanded Sharia Law, if not threatening Jihad and suicide bombs. The most bold was recently in Paris, Muslims marched in a blatant disregard of the law by the President which ended in pitched street battles with police reminiscent of former Intifadas.

Finally and probably most importantly we can now probably dispel with the myth of the “Moderate Muslim”. The truth is, what ISIS is preaching and doing is written clear as day in the Koran and to the layman Muslim man it’s no more fundamental then praying 5 times a day. In comparison it’s like asking a Christian to denounce Christ, a Jew to denounce Hashem. Off course you will have some push back from those who have lived in Western democracies, but the overwhelming majority not only don’t denounce ISIS openly (or internally) but seem rather excited to see where this movement can go. The entire concept of the moderate when it comes to Sharia law is a complete falsify and the quicker we learn this the better. Recently in a packed mosque the Mullah asked the question to a packed audience “do you think Sharia Law is extreme”, every single young Muslims answered “no”.

The ISIS ideology has taken route deeply, maybe not the mass killings but the dream of Sharia Law and a Caliphate from my research seems embedded, and with each gain and win for ISIS the dream of the Islamic state will only continue to grow stronger. The majority of the Muslim populations “the mob” could begin to ally themselves with ISIS and nothing is more powerful than the mob (Arab spring proved that). So while we say today they don’t have an air force come tomorrow who knows what can be, many countries in the Middle East like Qatar could side with them, it’s also important to note that Qatar just happened to finalize one of the largest arms deals with the US to the tune of $14 billion US.

Simply put if you are a devout Muslim you can’t pick and choose what you want to follow, and everything in the doctrine of ISIS is within the laws of the Koran and the prophet Mohammad “there will rise a pure Islamic Caliphate that will cover the whole world and spread the holy word of Allah and his prophet Mohammed” it is as simple at the constitution is to an American. A recent survey found that 80% of Muslims living in Holland are pro ISIS, For now, they are far from being close to a global threat, and as a fighting force hold no real threat against a real army, but it would be most wise to remember that Hitler started his movement in a Munich Beer Hall and everyone said the same thing about National Socialism.

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