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Leader of ‘Hezbollah’ Admits Goal is Global Jewish Genocide!

Image used with permission, from the Hashlamah Project.

Two and a half decades ago, I was propagandized to by Islamicate du`at. As a Jew, I was a high-value target for their proselytizing. If they could get a Jewish adherent to their theology, then that token could be used as evidence that they are not antisemitic, but only oppose “Zionism”, whatever that monolithic ideology is supposed by them to be.

Unfortunately, for them, things did not work out the way that I had hoped. As I dug deep within Islamic sources, I found clear evidence for late fabrication of nearly all of their Hadith genre. I also found striking evidence that the perspective of the Qur’an, Muhammad and his family, was not against Judaism, but rather was part of an inter-sectarian debate, after the collapse of the Himyarite Jewish Empire of Yemen. More on that momentarily…

For now, it suffices to say that those I am here calling du`at, are basically the Petro-Dollar-Funded “Da`wah Industry” of the Muslim (or Mutaslim, those who claim to be “Muslim”), Ummah. You can basically think of Da`wah as the Muslim word for the Christian concept of “Ministry” or “Proselytizing.”

This article presents some of what I experienced and encountered as a result of these frustrated efforts of Muslim ministers, to mislead and use me. This includes, but is not limited to contact with Hezbollah and their Iranian financiers. But we will get to that. First, a little background…

The Da`wah Industry and their “Anti-Zionist” Talking Points

In the late 90s the the Islamicate Da`wah Industry was making huge strides. The Internet was still in its relative infancy. The only real critiques one could find of Islamicate propaganda were from Christians who simply detested Muslims for not being Christians, as well as various other nationalistic and racist diatribes, which really failed to engage in any intellectual debate with the Islamicate World, point by point.

At that time, you could not find out much online which would fact-check the public relations claims of terrorist groups like the so-called “Hezbollah” of Lebanon. When they said “we don’t hate the Yahud…. we only hate the Zionists and the Zionist Entity,” it almost sounded believable.

These same folks would convince any who stepped foot in a Shi`i Masjid that the Sabra and Shatillah massacres were carried out by Israel, and not their own countrymen in Christian Lebanese militias.

They would point out strange statements, which twisted facts to suit their own narrative, such as claiming “even the Zionist Entity admits it was Sharon’s fault!”

No, that is not exactly what the “Zionist Entity” concluded. Instead, it was affirmed that Sharon should have known or anticipated that Lebanese Christian Arabs would seek revenge in such a manner. The State of Israel absolutely never concluded that he was to blame for these massacres being carried out.

This sort of unchecked factual inaccuracy was the staple of late-90s, and early-2000s “Da`wah” in the West.

It was around this time that I founded a Sufi group with heavy Shi`i influences. In retrospect, this makes sense to me. Rabbi Israel Freidlander, the creator together with Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, of the Young Israel movement of Modern Orthodox Judaism before he was murdered, documented, three part article, published from 1910-1912, on the `Isawiyah Jews. This work, entitled, “Shiitic Elements in Jewish Sectarianism”, was published in the Jewish Quarterly Review. It argued that the early, pro-Shi`i “Imamitism,” centered around Muhammad’s family, the Ahl al-Bayt, in fact had 15 clear-cut points of strong correlation with `Isawiyah Judaism. It was his conclusion that it was unreasonable to imagine that the religion of Muhammad’s family emerged from anything but this. This is a conclusion which I had come to independent of Freidlander’s research, which I robustly argue and document in my first masters thesis. `Isawiyah Judaism was and remains a Diaspora form of Essenic Judaism which rose against the Abbasid Caliphate, from their then stronghold in Isfahan, Iran.

Shortly after the humiliating defeat by the single-handed whooping Rabbi Abu `Isa gave the first wave of the Caliphate’s “Special Forces,” the Order or Tariqah, when relatively underground, giving rise to Medieval “Judeo-Sufism.”

Unbeknownst to Muslim and Jew alike, the term “Mahdi” derives from the `Isawiyah Jewish designation for a generation’s community leader – like a “Chief Rabbi” of sorts – within the `Isawiyah. It should be noted here, because the Muslim Ummah certainly will not point it out to you, that “Mahdi” is from the same root as “Yahud” in `Arabic, and can logically concluded to have been a deliberately Jewish construct for designation of leadership amongst the `Isawiyah Jews.

In any event, by 2004 the government of Iran had sent a delegate to Irvine California – one “Sayyid Hijazi” – to directly offer to buy my allegiance to the so-called “Islamic Republic of Iran.” They absolutely adored the fact that I am Jewish, and that I had an affinity for `Isawiyah, and thus the religious orientation of the Ahl al-Bayt – albeit, with very different academic conclusions as to what that religious orientation was. I am of the opinion that the historical Muhammad and his family were actually `Isawiyah Jews, also known as Sabi’un, long before the Mandaeans of Iraq appropriated that name to gain Dhimmi status, in spite of abhorring most prophets of the Qur’an and Tanakh. But that is neither here nor there. More power to them for resisting Islamicate Imperialism.

I will explore the related topic of Islamic Origins in an intended future work, entitled: Muhammad the Jew: The Jewish Sectarian Origins of Early Islam (2024). As some readers might suspect and expect from me, I therein compellingly argue that Muhammad was literally Jewish, and married into a Jewish Diaspora Essene mercantile family of Khadijah and Waraqah, et al. As with The Greatest Story NEVER Told, and People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” (2012), I am working within the framework of Historical Criticism – also fittingly termed “Higher Criticism.” That is to say, I am not limiting myself to “chapter and verse” citation of Lower, Source Criticism, as religious dogmatists of any given religion typically do. Instead, I am making use of the earliest sources, with particular attention and emphasis being given to the earliest third party sources, and archeology.

When investigated from this critical perspective, a clear image of Muhammad and his family – the Ahl al-Bayt – as Diaspora Essene Jews comes into clear focus. A considerable amount of this is already addressed and documented within People of the Book. The serious reader is directed there to learn more.

Furthermore, within that same text and thesis, a chapter is dedicated to the phraseology of the Constitution of Medinah – regarded by historians of Islamic Origins, for an array of reasons, as a highly probable historical source. The notion of “One Ummah” (Ummatan Wahidatan) being composed not just of Muhammad’s followers from the nations of the world, but of the Jewish people practicing Judaism (Yahadut) and keeping the Torah and its Mitzvot, is fundamental to understanding the Jewish framework of the Qur’anic perspective and the Qur’an’s own intended function as socio-religious “Midrash rather than a New Testament to supplant or abrogate the Torah for the Jewish people.

Iran was very disappointed that I scoffed at this offer. I wanted nothing to do with their misogynistic, homophobic and – yes – antisemitic government. This is because, in large part, I began finding out how thoroughly they had lied to me about their aims and agenda.

The Taliyah al-Mahdi Unmasking “Hezbollah” Antisemitic Lies and Propaganda

Those who marched then, and march today, under the banner of “Taliy`atu-l-Mahdi” also march under the title “Jaysh al-Mahdi,” (despite not being part of the organizational structure of militia which has taken the same name in `Iraq).

The group, largely decentralized and comprised of semi-autonomous chapters throughout the world, also marches under the Qur’anic title “Hizbullah” – despite not being part of the organizational structure or stated racist aims of the group by the same name in Lebanon.

The group also marches under the Qur’anic title of “Shi`ah” in general, even while rejecting the mutasha`i interpretations of the dominant ‘Usuli, Ithna `Ashari (that is, “Twelver” Shi`ism) paradigm that dominates the Shi`i world and theology today.

The Taliyah breaks it down like this:

We are all of these things, because all of these things are synonymous with Mu’minin. People should not get confused or distracted by the language, as these are not titles, they are descriptions of a caliber of person, no different than the term “Mu’min” describing belief or “iman,” or “Muslim” describing Submission itself.

Taliy`i is merely a description of our actions, the actions of belief. If one has belief or iman, then the Qur’an and ahadith are clear on what the caliber of such a person will be. Hadith literature is clear on the Mustahabbaat that the individual Mu’min will strive towards. Furthermore, ahadith are clear on the actions that the person will take to defend the innocent, and to prepare for the Revolution of the Leader who will Rise (Thawrat al-Qaa’im). Those who do these things, and live a lifestyle in accordance with iman, are Taliy`iyyin, those who do not, are not.

Similarly, as a note to the interchangeability of these synonymous terms, the Iranian leader Khamana’i (I avoid false designations of “Ayatollah”), addressing the Lebanese militia who calls themselves Hizbiyyullah proclaimed the same:

You are the Taliy`ah of the Mujahidun. When I look at you, I see the enthusiastic appearance of the Great Army of Islam. Surely, the victory is certain and inevitable and you will see it with your own eyes.

Whether or not one agrees with that assessment – and to be sure, the Taliyah al-Mahdi does not, they explain, “we will not be fooled by public relations campaigns, when the leader of the organization has openly stated his racist objectives – the point is that Khamana’i understood this as a term that applies to those embodying a certain set of actions, not the title or label for some sort of centralized organization.”

Just as using the term “Sunni” does not necessarily mean one is of the true Sunnah of Muhammad and just as one using the term “Shi`ah” does not mean that they are truly of the actual Shi`ah, in the same way, the term “Hizb’ullah” or “Hezbollah” is not a term that can be thrown around lightly and used in spite of the actions and ideologies of one professing it. For just as the Qur’an uses the term Shi`ah, it also uses the term Hizb’ullah. And yet, today there is a group taking funding from a repressive state apparatus in Iran, and being led by a man who has openly admitted he does not really fight for the Palestinian people, but against the Jews because of his hatred for Jews.

This man’s hatred is not against nationalism, nor even Israeli nationalism. He has admitted that he is glad there is a State of Israel in which so many Jews have gathered from throughout the world!

Why would he be glad about this? After all, this is the leader of the so-called “Hezbollah” we are talking about here!

He claims that he is glad because this has saved him the trouble of hunting Jews down throughout the world and carrying out genocide, nation by nation.

These are his words, not my interpretation or commentary on them.

I ask, as the Taliyah does, are these the words of someone who keeps to Muhammad’s Sunnah, when he wrote in the Constitution of Medinah that his followers along with the Jewish people constitute “One Ummah” – an Ummatan Wahidatan (أُمَّةً وَاحِدَةً)?

Shaykh “Nasrallah” and His “Hezbollah” Cult Want Nothing Short of Global Jewish Genocide

The organization using the name “Hezbollah” has an aim, and according to their own leader, it is not to “end the occupation of Palestine,” or even to “liberate all of Palestine.” Its goal is to kill the world’s Jews.

Listen to the words of its leader Shaykh Hassan “Nasrallah”:

If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. (NY Times, May 23, 2004, p. 15, section 2, column 1)

Amal Abdo Saad-Ghorayeb, a Lebanese writer and political analyst known for her writings on the Israeli–Lebanese conflict and Hezbollah, quotes Hassan “Nasrallah” as saying:

If we searched the entire world for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind, ideology and religion, we would not find anyone like the Jew. Notice, I do not say the Israeli. (“In the Party of God: Are terrorists in Lebanon preparing for a larger war? by Jeffrey Goldberg”. The New Yorker. 14 October 2002).

Saad Ghorayeb quotes Hezbollah’s Deputy-General Shaykh Na’im Qasim as saying, the following, to the same ends:

The history of Jews has proven that, regardless of the Zionist proposal, they are a people who are evil in their ideas. (Muhammad Fnaysh, 15 August 1997. qtd. in Saad-Ghorayeb, 2002, p. 170; Abbas al-Mussawi, Amiru’l-Zakira, Dhu al-Hujja 1406, p. 197. qtd. in Saad-Ghorayeb, 2002, p. 174)

There is no way one can read statements like this, and the many dozens of others by the leadership of the so-called “Hezbollah” and claim they are anything other than bigots using the suffering of the Palestinian people to justify their hatred of the Jewish people worldwide.

All of this is emphasized by the Taliyah within Gaza today, in chapters known therein as the Jam`at al-Fitrah. They say that:

From our perspective, we are the true Hizbiyyullah, the true Taliy`iyyun, the true Jaysh al-Mahdi, the true Jaysh al-Ghadhab, and the true Shi`ah and the true Sunni. We embrace all of these terms as holy titles for how we aspire to live and what we aspire to embody, and we speak out against those who use these terms as titles for sectarian division – and worse – for racism and nationalism (`asabiyyah).

The Jam`at al-Fitrah are today quite active, albeit small, within various Gazan cities, along with my brother Sufi Shaykh `Isa (as he is known there), who also goes by, and is known as in Jerusalem by the name Rabbi `Oseh. He asserts, it should be noted, that neither name (`Isa or `Oseh), has any connection to the fictional “Jesus” character of Christian mythology, but is instead related to Essenism, as strange as that might sound!

The Taliy`iyyun of the Jam`at al-Fitrah have avoided using the name Taliyah for its notoriety and infamy within the Muslim world, as a group associated with both Shi`ism and, peripherally (through yours truly) `Isawiyah Judaism. They asked, accordingly, that they be referenced in my doctoral dissertation, by this title, rather than either Taliyah or as associated with the Hashlamah Project study circles, which they in fact emerged from, during my research work and journalism in Gaza, a decade ago.

The group has warned for years that Da`esh has been infiltrating Hamas “at the highest levels,” and that something like October 7th was soon to come. Admittedly, I did not take such warnings as seriously as they were expressed to me. October 7th changed all of that.

Now that the Lebanese Mutasha`i cult of “Hezbollah” have positioned themselves at the center of this conflict, today was clearly the day to speak out and let the People of Israel know my experience with the lies and attempted coopting by this openly-Antisemitic cult and their Iranian Masters.

If you agree that this is information that needs to get out there to counter the propaganda from the Da`wah Industry and Palestinian Propaganda Ministry, then please help spread the word by liking, commenting and sharing this article every where you see lies such as “Hezbollah don’t hate Jews, they only hate the Zionists.

We are all in a war for our survival Am Yisrael. 

This knowledge is a weapon.

Use it.

About the Author
Dr. Micah Naziri was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. The son of a multitude of peoples, Micah has Ashkenazi Jewish, German, Native American and Melungeon Sefardic background. Micah has often said he has “one foot in the masjid and the other in shul.” Spiritually, Micah considers his understanding of Judaism to be “Judeo-Sufi,” or “Istislam” as described by Rabbeinu Bachya ibn Paqudah, in his Medieval Judeo-Arabic work “Guide to the Duties of the Hearts” (Al-Hidayat ila Fara`id al-Qulub), which quoted Muhammad and his son-in-law `Ali profusely – reference each as being “a great chasid” – while fully embracing the Torah as the framework of religious practice for the Jewish people. Dr. Naziri is the founder of the Martial Sufi Tariqah alternatively known as the Taliyah al-Mahdi (2001) and the Jamat al-Fitrah (2005), as well as Hashlamah Project Foundation (2012), and the White Rose Society “reboot” (2016). As the founder of the Hashlamah Project Foundation, Micah uses his education in Near Eastern Languages, Religions and historical models of building bridges between Jewish and Muslim communities, to help reconcile and unite Jews and Palestinian Muslims. He is a prolific author who has penned numerous academic articles, donating 100% of the proceeds to charities working towards social justice. He has also authored a science fiction novel fused with history and politics. His Master’s thesis on the religious milieu of Judaism in Muhammad’s life time, in Arabia, has been published by New Dawn Publications and is available on Amazon, with all proceeds similarly going to charity work. He has served as an editor for written works on Martial Arts and Eastern Medicine, transcribing and creating numerous titles for some of his teachers. He has himself authored several martial treatises using the pen name Seng, Hern-Heng – his Taoist lineage name given to him in 2006 by Huang, Chien-Liang. On that front, he is currently working on a new Taoist translation of the Tao Te Ching (Daodejing) based on the original Mawangdui manuscripts. Micah became well-known for activism confronting an anti-Muslim protester peacefully and reasoning with her outside of a Dublin, Ohio mosque. After nearly 45 minutes of debate and reconciliation, the woman embraced a Muslimah woman from the mosque, and went into the mosque with her and Micah for bagels, coffee and a tour of the house of worship. When she left, the Muslims there gave her a gift bag. Micah became somewhat infamous – loved by some, hated by others – not only for several high-profile, viral protests, but also for teaching free self-defense classes available to all interested parties from historically oppressed communities. Law enforcement, however, have without question been the most hostile to Naziri, as he became a regular protester against police brutality and murder of unarmed African-Americans. Micah has been equally as virally-known as an avowed anti-rape activist, who confronted the Stanford Rapist, Brock Turner at his home in Sugarcreek Township, Ohio, after he was released from his mere three-month jail sentence for raping an unconscious woman. Today, Micah continues activism in the areas surrounding Yellow Springs, and abroad, focusing on weekly protests and vigils supporting families of innocent, unarmed African-American youths, gunned down by local police or vigilante citizens attempting to hide behind gun culture and the Second Amendment, such as in the recent case of Victor Santana – who was recently arrested, charged with murder, and convicted after months of pressure put on Montgomery County prosecutor Matt Heck by protests Micah organized in conjunction with Donald Dominique of the New Black Panther Party. Micah is currently coordinating expanded work with international Hashlamah Project chapters and the Jam`at Al-Fitrah, the name used in the Palestinian Territories for the Sufi Martial Tariqah known as the Taliyah al-Mahdi. He is seeking grant-writing partnerships to grow the Hashlamah Project organization’s efforts – particularly in the State of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
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