Les Miserables Forever: Thank you, Senator Ted Cruz

Thank you, Senator Cruz, for giving a very beautiful speech last night at the Republican Convention. It was beautiful and beauty deserves reward.

I doubt anyone in the media or politics will notice that you quoted Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables last night. Yet, you did quote this line from literature.

You who suffer because you love, love still more. To die of love, is to live by it. – Victor Hugo

Among one of many moving sentiments, the deeds of Officer Michael Smith and your words gave it the following meaning:

Michael Smith was a former Army ranger who spent three decades with the Dallas Police Department. I have no idea who he voted for in the last election, or what he thought about this one. But his life was a testament to devotion. He protected the very protesters who mocked him because he loved his country and his fellow man. His work gave new meaning to that line from literature, “To die of love is to live by it…”

I don’t know you and have never met you, but in 2014 I was at the Liberty Political Action Conference testing a microphone that you would share with other leading lights in the liberty movement–and I stood there for an hour testing it as a “happy warrior.”

This year, I started writing for Times of Israel because I noticed that your campaign has a special appreciation for the marketplace of ideas here. I’ve had this blog since I was ghosting a microphone back in 2014, but I was Grantaire, that revolutionary from literature sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a spark. You were that spark in both Iowa and New York.

I’ve been writing to promote ideals and principles here since those moments. As idealists are prone to do, I took liberty with how I could bring some of that “Les Miserables” conviviality to life in this campaign, even at the risk of offending you. In every post, I’ve mentioned your name and the name of Victor Hugo. Was it an accident or calculated? No, it’s just part of something beautiful—and who knows where it will go from here.

I’ll never know if I encouraged in some small way your life-long love of Les Miserables to splash onto the big screen last night. My love of principles and ideals, like yours, started in youth and college. Your aurora is creating ground for me to walk on.

You’ve made everything worth it for countless activists across the country like me.

You did us so proud last night and the following pact you provided us is so grand that I would take my hat off, place it over my heart, and sing “One Day More”:

We must make the most of our moment – to fight for freedom, to protect our God-given rights, even of those with whom we don’t agree, so that when we are old and gray . . . and our work is done . . . and we give those we love one final kiss goodbye . . . we will be able to say, “Freedom matters, and I was part of something beautiful.” – Ted Cruz

This is what it means to be young and a millennial in America.

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