Lest time dims our recollections of years of unchecked Democratic Party power

Lest time dims our recollections of prior years of unchecked U. S. Democratic Party power politics, especially in light of the upcoming highly contested 2018 midterm elections and its claims of Democrat’s unconditional loyalty to Israel and Jews; it is necessary to revisit the Obama era and the divisive actions that still lingers. Over the eight years there were many lost opportunities to reestablish the once strong civil rights ties that bound African-Americans and Jews together. But, agendas from the top-down proved hostile to Israel’s Prime Minister and Jews very attachment to their tiny refuge in the Middle East; effectively serving as an obstacle to that bond. Strangely enough, perhaps some jealousy combined with false assertions fostered by Louis Farrakhan and other haters contributed to put Israel and Jews, as a group, in the Persona Non Grata category, within the Black community and elsewhere, without loud protests from the Democrats.  Yet, early on, Democrat Barack Obama, not only won the majority of African-American votes during his elections, but also the support of Jews in overwhelming numbers. His appeal to Jews appeared multi-faceted, not the least of which was an understood appreciation for both, the shared oppression and bigotry that Blacks and Jews endured and still endure, as well as a hoped for respect for the many Jewish contributions made to advance the cause of equal rights for all minorities. Yet, not too long after taking office, and throughout the two terms and even afterwards the Democrat administration’s attitude towards Israel and to Jews, by extension, appeared to sour.

Under the prior Democrat leadership, our government’s seemingly purposeful, restrained reactions towards the anti-Israel forces and anti-Jewish activity occurring on the world stage was sadly palpable, and may have indirectly contributed to escalating attacks on Jews, within Europe, Israel and elsewhere. Concurrently, the multitude of the United Nations’ condemnations placed upon Israel (before the gift of fresh-air provided by Nikki Haley, who sadly will be leaving her United Nations post), went unchecked, giving further impetus to a maturing international, “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction” (B.D.S.) movement and its spawned off-shoots, all specifically targeting Israel’s legitimacy and viability. Except for the notable bipartisan impact the U.S. Congress played in confronting B.D.S.; antisemitism might have gained a stronger foothold than it already had and has, to date. Even so, an element of hostile groups, like an unchecked virus, surfaced and thrives, seizing any opportunity to publicly challenge Israel’s credibility and right to self-determination, on college campuses across the United States. Tactics employed, include hateful propaganda, property damage and” in your face” hostility and threats towards pro-Israel, Jewish students, their non-Jewish supporters, and higher education, institutionally approved speakers brought on campus to factually educate students and faculty, about Israel and other Jewish issues. In many instances, university administrations frequently stood idly by, on the sidelines, and quietly watched for fear of violating First Amendment rights of the perpetrators, without loud protests from the Democratic Party to this affront.

If there were any doubts, the suspicion of the Democrat administration’s ill-will towards Israel was confirmed with the “5+1 Nuclear Treaty,” which purposely ignored Israeli input, yet provided Iran, her avowed enemy, with the means to covertly develop and deliver potential nuclear destruction. The noose around Israel’s neck was further tightened, with the United Nations Security Council’s odious, condemnation vote on resolution 2334 that the U.S. representative was instructed not to veto; without loud protests from the Democratic Party to this affront.

Observing what is currently transpiring within the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, at least in part, as a legacy of the 8 year Democrat administration, it is most important that voters not unquestioningly succumb to propaganda geared towards simply getting votes for Democrat candidates. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than word, past and present. Democrats, in my opinion, have been distancing themselves when it comes to anti-Israel controversy, which may indicate a growing level of disdain. Principled people, who were silent, for whatever reason, during the prior 8 year Democrat administration, must now be proactive, and ever vigilant for, and their voices immediately raised against, any acts of actual or implied antisemitism or hidden anti-Israel agendas, wherever found.

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Bruce Portnoy, is a published op-ed contributor to the "Miami Herald," "Washington Examiner," and "The American Thinker"; as well as the author of the Geo-political thriller, "First, the 'Saturday People', and then the..."
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