Basha Oka Botnick
Basha Oka Botnick

Let’s have the whole quote, please!

As a Russian friend of ours used to say, it is “known fact” that Lubavitchers have a mission to tell the world Moshiach is here.

However, it is also known that it comes hard to say this openly.

If its too hard, there’s an interim solution:

Just say what the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach told CNN:

“Moshiach is ready to come now. It is only from our part to add something additional in the realm of goodness and kindness.”

You’re not saying who Moshiach is, but you are saying he is ready to come.

But even that is proving difficult.

Recently a tragedy was in the news that involved a Lubavitcher.

The Rebbe’s emissary who was close to the tragedy asked a friend of mine, a professional writer, to write something inspiring about adding in goodness and kindness. He truly wanted to say something about Moshiach, too, and called me for advice.

I said you could do no worse than open up a volume of the Igrot Kodesh (the Rebbe’s Holy Letters) and see what the Rebbe has to say.

There on the page was a most astounding answer.

The Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach was addressing the Judaica research at Yale regarding the source of an article in the New York Times.

You could sense from the tone of the letter that the Rebbe was upset.

There on the page were the words:

“May we ask that you kindly refrain from quoting this letter or any part of it, unless you quote the full text, not any excerpts. Thank you.”

The CNN interview continued:

Reporter: So people should be doing more goodness and kindness for him to come…

Rebbe MHM: At least a little more. Then Moshiach will come immediately. (Handing him two dollars) This you will give to charity. A double portion of charity. Blessing and success.

We are not in an ordinary time. It’s not going to be like World War II or the Holocaust. We have the Rebbe’s prophecy that we are in the era of the final Redemption.

We certainly don’t understand why there are new stupidities and outrageous violations  of norms every day.

The world definitely looks like its careening toward an even more vicious version of 1984.

But we have a prophet, and we have a King.

The good and beautiful days of the Messianic Era are not in the far-off future, but are imminent.

When the pilot says we are coming in for the landing, you may not see it. It may be night outside. But he has his special instruments and he is in touch with the control tower.

Big things are on the way.

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Basha Oka Botnick is the president of Geulah Generation, a Jewish women's organization based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, devoted to learning the talks of the Rebbe known as Dvar Malchus and spreading matters of Moshiach and Redemption. Our website is:
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