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Likelihood of Second Holocaust Increases

About two weeks ago, The Guardian published the results of a survey commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. The survey found that “Just over half of Britons did not know that 6 million Jewish people were murdered during the Holocaust, and less than a quarter thought that 2 million or fewer were killed, a new survey has found. The study also found that 67% of UK respondents wrongly believed that the government allowed all or some Jewish immigration, when in fact the British government shut the door to Jewish immigration at the outbreak of the war.” Even more disconcerting is the fact that “56% believe that something like the Holocaust could happen again today.”

Surveys conducted in other western countries found similar results. The writing is already on the wall; will we read it in time?

When we consider what is happening in Poland today, the soaring antisemitism in Germany, the rapid Islamization of France, Britain, and other countries, it is clear that soon, there will be no need to ask people their opinions about Jews. They will show their hatred very openly and very violently. If we could plead ignorance before and during World War II, we cannot plead it now when everything is caught on video, often in real time.

Nothing has changed over the past eighty years. Just as the most “enlightened” country struck the Jews then, the most “enlightened” countries are leading the campaign against us now. The deeper the world falls into crises—from viruses to inflation to international tensions, migration, fundamentalism, you name it—the more it blames the Jews. For now, it is happening under the guise of criticism of Israel, but we should not kid ourselves; it is pure, old-fashioned Jew-hatred, and it will end very badly, as it always has.

If we want to eliminate antisemitism, we must understand its root. All of the world’s problems stem from poor human relations. There are no problems other than our hatred for each other.

No animal hates another animal. The hunted are afraid of the hunters, but there is no hatred among them. In fact, it has been proven that were it not for the hunters, the hunted animals would not thrive in good health.

The world’s anger at the Jews is the result of the vocation of our nation. We were meant to set an example of unity. We were designated to demonstrate such sublime notions as “Love your neighbor as yourself” and mutual responsibility, which we have given to the world.

But we have failed the world. Our division is not only our problem. It is first and foremost the problem of the world because when we are divided, we are not an example of unity, but of division. As a result, conflicts break out all over the world and the nations blame them on the Jews. Instinctively, they feel that their conflicts are the fault of the Jews, even if they cannot rationalize it in words. Nevertheless, if you look at our history (see reference below), you will find that the world embraces us when we are united, and punishes us when we are divided.

Indeed, the Holocaust could reoccur. However, it is not because the world is growing hateful toward us once again, but because we are growing hateful toward each other to levels that the world cannot tolerate. Whatever efforts we make to curb antisemitism, they will fail unless we unite. If we unite, we will need no efforts to curb antisemitism; it will dissolve by itself.

For more on the importance of Jewish unity, see my book The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism.

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