Little Turkey and Big Sea

“HELP! — HELP!” shouted Little Turkey, as she gulped from the waves that suddenly carried her away. The water surrounded her, and never in her little turkey life, had she been so afraid.

“My feathers are wet,

And I may just sink,

Please help me! Please help me!

And I mean in a blink!”

Little Turkey managed to lift a wet wing over a twig in the water, and for a moment as she bobbled and bounced, she saw the endless waves everywhere.  It was all she could do to hold on with her little turkey wing, as she recalled the prayer her Abba always said in times of trouble,

 “Don’t worry yourself,

Or you may open a door

For fear to come in,

With ten times more!

Muster up your strength in times of trouble,

Courage will come! No need to befuddle!”

So, Little Turkey repeated over and over,

“I will not fear for a minute — not a minute — not a minute — not one little minute — will I fear, not a minute!”

And then, faster than you could eat ice-cream on a hot day, zooming out of the blue summer sky, Mr. Bumble Bee arrived, 

“You’re not going to drown,

You silly little clown.

You are just in a big bucket,

Now push up and jump out of it!”

In a bucket, she thought, oh how could that be? One moment I was sleeping — the next in the sea! But if it’s truly a bucket I am in, then I most certainly should begin. For it must be time to make a plan, to get out of this wet and awful jam! For certainly my mother will be looking for me!  

So with all the strength Little Turkey could muster, she rocked to and fro in a rhythmic luster, and with one big YELP and an earth shaking CACKLE,  she flew through the air like a crisp green apple! With great force she landed upon the ground, ever so thankful not to have drowned. Although rather in a lather she was very relieved by what she had so valiantly achieved. As she dizzily wandered around a big tree — while shaking and spitting and shivering and fiddling, she realized how she may never have been saved from that bucket of sea, if it hadn’t been for wonderful Mr. Bumble Bee,

 “Oh, thank you Mr. Bumble Bee,

Your buzzing came to set me free!

My fear had almost made me panic,

Without a doubt, it was galvanic!” 

 Little turkey was so very grateful to be alive, and not at the bottom of some big deep sea, that she decided to warn all the other little turkeys, of the great danger that could be.  She chirped throughout the deep dark forest sharing her story with all of her friends. She told them about Mr. Bumble Bee, and how he helped her escape the great sea. Some of them laughed and said, “You silly little turkey… there is no one that hears our desperate plea or even such a thing as a big sea!”

But others said, “Oh, you are a brave Little Turkey, and so special it seems that your feathers were saved to help others in need. Let’s have a feast to celebrate — Let’s make a punch! Let’s bake a cake! 

Everyone put on their dancing slippers and feasted on tins of delicious smoked kippers. There were layers and layers of juicy roe, atop marvelous loaves of sugary dough. Freshly squeezed lemony-licka-maid, on mounds of buttery chicory blade. The mayor arrived in his new Corvette and tangoed to the tunes of a clarinet. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers — even the neighbors of all different colors! All together they trotted, till the moon shone above, joyful together in a family of love.

And finally after such a gala event, their bellies were full and energy spent. Too tired to wobble or sing one more gobble, they snuggled and huddled and drifted to sleep, when Mr. Bumble Bee so softly did speak,

“Don’t ever fear, even the biggest sea,

For help is near for you and me

We may find ourselves in jams and in pickles 

But storms are just made of sweet chocolate sprinkles

There’s never a reason to flumix or fear,

With family and friends, love is always near!”

And Little Turkey had a smile tucked within her heart as she slept all through the night… 

The End


About the Author
Born and raised in California, Miryam moved to Alaska just out of High School where she worked on a commercial salmon vessel. After several years, she relocated to Washington State where she raised a family and pursued a career in Juvenile Corrections. Upon retiring, she began writing about her travels and experiences. Over the years, Miryam's writing has expanded to include many venues and topics, from the more personal hardships of life to the more whimsical children's stories. Her journalistic stories have been published in newspapers, online sites, as well as printed books such as "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The Coffee House Chronicles". She has recently enjoyed more public interaction through her poetry of "spoken word" at local Jerusalem gatherings.
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