Laura Barkel

Living in the Shadows of Conflict

As a student navigating the tumultuous waves of the ongoing conflict in Israel, I find myself caught in a paradoxical time warp. On one hand, the horrors of October 7th remain vivid in my memory, as if they occurred yesterday. The echoes of fear and uncertainty still linger, haunting every moment of my life. The constant barrage of conflict has forged an unrelenting bond between the trauma of that day and our new reality moving forward. Each morning, I wake up to the same terror that gripped me on that fateful day, hoping that the first notification I see on my phone will be something trivial rather than a Red Alert reminding me that rockets are still flying over my home and family every day.

Yet, paradoxically, another part of me feels like I’ve been trapped in this state of perpetual unease for years. The first conflict I recall hearing about occurred in 2014, just a few weeks before a scheduled trip to Israel for my Bat Mitzvah celebration. This conflict, known as Operation Protective Edge, bore striking similarities to the events of October 7th, with Hamas instigating violence and targeting civilian populations while Israel responded with measured force. Exploring my hotel didn’t mean discovering the amenities; it meant familiarizing myself with the locations of bomb shelters in the building. The disconcerting soundtrack for this tour was the sound of sirens echoing in the distance, seemingly from every direction. The cyclical nature of these conflicts and their disturbing regularity blur the lines between past and present, creating a mind space where time itself seems to warp, making it increasingly challenging to distinguish one harrowing event from the next.

For the Jewish community outside of Israel, one aspect that cuts deeply is the incessant targeting of our community that inevitably follows the start of any conflict in Israel. With each eruption of violence in Israel, a toxic wave of prejudice crashes down upon us, leaving indelible marks on the psyche of our community. For Jewish and pro-Israel voices, the events of the last four months have become defined by the endurance of pain, fear, and pervasive vulnerability. Unlike other conflicts of its nature, the conflict in Israel reverberates across continents, impacting us even in places that we expect to be safe havens. As a student, realizing that these recurring traumas have shaped my formative years is highly unsettling. The weight of the conflicts becomes an unwelcome companion in pursuing knowledge and personal growth.

The rise of antisemitism since October 7th has cast a dark shadow over my life and those of all Jewish people and their allies worldwide. It’s a concerning reality that adds additional complexity to an already challenging situation. The palpable increase in antisemitic sentiments has woven its way into the fabric of our daily existence. Being Jewish, once a source of immense pride, is now accompanied by a heightened sense of vulnerability. These manifestations of hate are not abstract concepts but tangible threats that infiltrate our personal spaces. Synagogues, schools, and communal gatherings, which should be sanctuaries, are now potential battlegrounds necessitating vigilance against the insidious tendrils of prejudice.

The rise of antisemitism forces us to question our safety on campus, the security of our online spaces, and even the resilience of friendships that ought to be founded on shared values rather than religious affiliations or cultural backgrounds. The weight of this collective burden is shared by Jewish individuals and our allies who stand by us in solidarity. The fight against antisemitism is not just a battle for the Jewish community but a crucial fight for the preservation of our shared values of tolerance and acceptance. In the face of these challenges, it becomes imperative to advocate for understanding, empathy, and genuine dialogue that transcends the confines of geographic boundaries. We hope to forge a path toward a more secure and harmonious future for all through collective efforts to break the cycle of hate.

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Welcome to my blog, where I invite you to join me on the unique journey of my life as a Jewish, Israeli young adult living and pursuing an education in the city of Toronto. In this diverse and dynamic metropolis, I find myself at the intersection of my Israeli roots and the rich culture of Toronto. Through this blog, I aim to share the experiences, challenges, and triumphs that come with balancing my identity as a Jewish individual while navigating the multicultural landscape of this Canadian city. From the bustling streets of Toronto to the academic halls of my school, each day brings new opportunities for personal growth. I'll be documenting the moments of connection, the celebrations of my heritage, and the lessons learned along the way. As a young Israeli adult, I hope to delve into the fusion of traditions, exploring how my Jewish identity shapes my perspectives and influences my interactions in this multicultural environment. From holiday celebrations to engaging in dialogues that bridge different cultures, I'll share the stories that highlight the beauty of diversity and unity.
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