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Love makes a house a home

Our Sages respond that the language brings

home the point that the sanctuary alone has no

meaning unless it dwells within each person.


We must have the Proper Kavannah (intent and thoughts) and

soul for the Sanctuary to have any meaning. It must be

“betocham” within us!


Often the prophets rebuke the Jewish people by saying “Why do I need your sacrifices saith the L-rd”. For if there is no intent then one’s sacrifices are worthless!


The Jewish home is also called a Sanctuary.

On the outside it must appear beautiful and special. But

if there is no warmth and love, if there is no caring and

sensitivity on the inside, then it can be equated to an

empty shell.


Interestingly, if we take the numerical value

(gemmatriah) of the word “Mikdash” (sanctuary) we will

come to a value of 444 (Mem=40 + Kuf=100 + Daled=4

+ Shin=300). If we take the value of the letters in the

word “Bayit” (house) we will come up to the numerical

value of 412 (Bet=2 + Yud=10 + Taf=400).


The difference between the two words is 32. Thirty two is

the numerical value of the word “Lev” heart (Lamed=30

+ Bet=2). It is also the first and last letters of our Torah

(Bet in Bereshit and Lamed in Yisrael).


The message that perhaps is indicated is that

our homes are also a sanctuary. However, it is of little

value and importance unless we infuse it with heart and

sensitivity (lev) and the words and the dictums of our

Holy Torah (the bet and the Lamed). Then we will be

successful in imparting to the next generation the

beauty of our traditions.


The pageantry and the beauty of the Mishkan

and the Temple were only effective if the hearts of the

Jewish people were bound up in sincerity.


And the pageantry and the beauty of our

homes are only meaningful if it reflects the depth and

splendor of our hearts and souls. This year when many or most people are doing the Seder, the summation and memory of the Jewish Religion in our homes, lets not forget to put our heart into it, even if we are alone.


Love Yehuda Lave

I guess its time for a shaggy dog story:

A Shaggy Dog

The brotherhood at congregation Beth Israel was having a poker night and when Barry Coleman arrived he was astonished to find his friend Allan playing at a table with a few men and of all things – a shaggy dog.

“This is a very smart dog,” Barry said to Allan in disbelief.

“Not so smart,” Allan replied. “Every time he gets a good hand he wags his tail.”

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