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Maimonides’ most translated medieval work

Introduction in Arabic and Latin to the Guide read by Leibniz in 1696, addressed to Yoseph Ben-Yehuda (c. 1160–1226) by Maimonides. Thomas Hyde, 1690. (Image in the public domain under the public data regime resulting from the digitization of the collections of public cultural institutions)

20 Tevet marks the 818th commemorative anniversary of Maimonides ז”ל, author of the most translated medieval work, entitled “The Guide”, which influenced scholasticism until the V Lateran Council.

Leibniz, the last universal genius, summed it up himself:

Translation of the image’s extract:
“Following our separation and your departure to another place, our discussions revived in me a resolution which had weakened, and your absence prompted me to compose this treatise which I wrote for you and your peers, however few they may be. I made some divided chapters, and all that I put in writing for you will arrive successively where you will be. Be well. 

Let me know the way of God, for it is to you that I lift up my soul (Psalm 143:8).
It is to you, men, that I call & my voice is to the sons of Adam (Prov. 8:4).
Give ear, and listen to the words of the wise, and apply your heart to my Science (Prov. 22:17).

This treatise is first intended to explain the meaning of some terms that occur in the prophetic books: some of these terms are ambiguous, among several meanings, the incompetent take the equivocal one; others are metaphorical, and they translate them univocally. Others are analogies so they can have multiple meanings when they think them having only one.”

About the Author
Walter Hilliger is a French Caribbean writer, translator, and publisher of manuscript writings and facsimiles of Sephardic authors of the Grand Siècle, notably Isaac Orobio (1617 - 1787), R. David Nieto (1654 - 1728), Menasseh Ben Israel (1604-1657), R. Moses Raphael d'Aguilar (1615 - 1679) and others. He transcribed, restored, and digitized millions of words generating thousands of translated pages into current Spanish and English.
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