Jay Engelmayer
Jay Engelmayer

Make America Great Again

When people criticize Donald Trump for being a racist, they often site his pledge to make America great again as one of their proofs. Yes, the Republican presidential candidate has said some pretty controversial and outlandish things during his rise, but nothing he has said passes as racism; certainly not his desire to make America great again. Living in Israel I understand how many people do not understand what American values are and why the country of my birth is the greatest democratic republic to ever exist. However, these days that same great country is losing its identity and caving to the norms of the rest of the world that do not share the freedoms afforded to all Americans.

Just scroll down any Facebook feed and you will see the problem. Something is written or said that does not agree with someone and then the labels are carelessly brought out. Characters are assassinated regularly, merely for the expression of an opinion that is contrary to that of what is deemed politically correct. Twitter and Facebook have silenced countless people whose opinions are not consistent with the norms of Progressivism, yet the Western-World hating Jihadists and terrorist organizations can keep their accounts with minor exceptions. In 2016 I have seen more people being called bigots, misogynists, racists and homophobes than I have in my entire 44 years on this earth. Good names smeared, reputations ruined in public forums merely for a belief that runs counter to the hyper-progressive direction society has taken.

I’ve seen decent people labeled racist simply because they criticize Black Lives Matter; men labeled misogynistic over their questioning Hillary Clinton’s judgement; and a presidential candidate labeled anti-immigrant because he dare say that the American immigration policy will first and foremost consider the welfare of America above all else. Nothing about what is happening in America is funny. In fact, it is affront to the very nature of what it means and what it has meant to be an American.

Twenty five years ago when I was in College, we did not have a place to run to when people said things we did not agree with. Our professors were not fired for teaching us a history that was too painful or insulting for us to hear, or for merely expressing an opinion. When I was younger no one screamed “racist” when the term Indian-Summer was used to describe an unusually warm Thanksgiving. Today, minorities have so called safe-spaces that are actually contrary to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which made segregation in schools and campuses illegal.

To understand what Donald Trump means when he says make America great again one needs to understand the principles that the country was founded upon and then take a look at the society that exists today. To me, it is obvious and evident what it means – and it is the main reason why I hope Donald trump wins the presidency. For those that do not see it clearly, it is imperative that you understand History.

In 1791 America’s founding fathers ratified the First Amendment of the Constitution. These words are the very foundation on which the great nation was built and is the single most important factor of American Exceptionalism. It reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

For my Israeli friends who have no idea why a Constitution is significant, I will translate this as plainly as can be. The First Amendment eloquently states that the government cannot interfere in religious matters, prevent anyone from believing in what they wish, censor the media, stop people from peacefully protesting and this – every citizen has the right to express their opinions. I’ll write it again – everyone who lives in America can say what is on their minds without repercussions. It is called Freedom of Speech and it is a cherished right that is very quickly being taken away.

Yes, calling someone a misogynist is protected speech – calling someone a bigot, a racist, a homophobe is protected speech – but the people screaming these words at their former friends and family are not about free speech – they are about silencing it. Scroll down that Facebook feed, see the comments. Someone comments about how they cannot trust Hillary because of her lying about the mishandling of classified emails and a barrage of insults and labels rain down on them. This is dangerous and undermining the rights and liberties that Americans are entitled to.

To highlight how this has started to infringe on the basics rights of citizens one only needs to look back to March of 2016 when Professor John McAdams of Marquette University was suspended simply because he defended a student’s right to say in class that marriage between a man and woman is the only form of marriage. What is worse is that Professor McAdams did not say this in class or even in the halls of the university, he wrote it on his blog. The uproar from the progressive movement pressured the university to act – and they did. The power of the progressive movement to silence people is massive, and this is merely one example of someone suffering as a result of their personal beliefs.

If Donald Trump is elected, without him doing anything it would go a long way towards saving the first amendment. A president who does not mince words or hold his opinionated tongue is the epitome of what America’s constitution is all about. Is Trump the best candidate for president ever? Absolutely, not. Hillary Clinton is not either, though. In fact, there are no criteria to determine the best candidate. Some of America’s greatest presidents, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton were deeply flawed morally, ethically or politically – and yet they led a nation to greatness during their respective tenures. What makes a great president is the ability to say things that are not popular, because a president is not there to appease – they are there to lead. I for one believe Trump can and will do just that and set the wheels in motion to restore to America the values and ideals that we all once cherished.

About the Author
Jay Engelmayer is a 49 year old husband and father of four. Professionally his focus has been digital marketing and business development for commercial products. A proud and unapologetic American-Israeli Zionist, he enjoys cooking and yelling at television screens. Some consider him argumentative in nature, although he prefers "purposeful cynic" when describing his disposition. Living in Israel, he hails from New York City and is glad he left before it became the 1970's redux it is today.
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