Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

Miami-Dade Police — Media Briefing 26 – 6:13pm. July 7


The following link contains the Fox News story which announces that operations at the building collapse site will move from search and rescue to recovery.

It also includes the Miami-Dade Police Tweet showing the information contained in this Blog’s title:

26 and 613 Appearing Together

As noted previously, the number 26 is the widely known Gematria or numerical value of G-d’s name.

The number 613 is the total amount of Mitzvahs or commandments contained in the Torah.

This must hint that G-d himself is in full control.

Number 46

The following paragraph also appears in this story-

Miami-Dade Assistant Fire Chief Raide Jadallah broke the discovery of the additional bodies and human remains to family members in a private briefing Wednesday morning. The death toll now stands at 46, and officials had already begun to sound more grim about the prospects of finding any surviving victims.

The Hebrew Word For Comfort  נחמו Also Contains 46 = מו

The Other Two Letters Can Represent נח  = Meaning “To Rest” Or “Noach” As In Parshat Noach.

Hurricane EL SA And EL AL Airlines

Elsa is the earliest fifth-named Atlantic storm in recorded history. It arrived just in time before the Israeli IDF search and rescue team is due to leave, which will most likely be on Israeli Airline EL AL.

If we look much closer, we discover that the letters EL refer to G-d. Therefore, to put it another way, we could say that it is disappointing the Israelis could not find any survivors, but because a Hurricane has an “EYE”, it could mean that the EYES of Hashem are now overseeing this operation.

Yom Kippur Katan And Another Hint This Year About 9/11 Meaning Tisha B’ Av

I must admit before coming to Eretz Yisrael, I was unaware of the day known as Yom Kippur Katan. But because my father’s Yartzeit falls on the 29th of Adar, in pre-Covid days, I would always try to visit the Kotel and daven Shacharit and Mincha with a minyan to say Kaddish. There were many minyanim to choose from. I suddenly realized that Mincha in some minyanim were taking much longer than normal because of the added prayers for Yom Kippur Katan.

The Chabad Rebbe Regularly Visited The Ohel Where The Previous Rebbe Is Buried On Yom Kippur Katan

In an article appearing at the following Chabad site link, it mentions that the Chabad Rebbe was a regular visitor to the Ohel of the Previous Rebbe on Yom Kippur Katan:

The Ninth Paragraph says the following-

Reflecting the fact that a sin-offering was brought on Rosh Chodesh, the day before is known as Yom Kippur Katan, Minor Yom Kippur, observed by the most pious with extra prayers, inspiring sermons, fasting and charity.

The Rebbe would customarily visit the Ohel, the resting place of his predecessor, on Yom Kippur Katan.

Hint – Yom Kippur Katan = 9/11 = Tisha B’ Av

This year, Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av falls out on Shabbat, so the prevailing custom is to observe Yom Kippur Katan on the previous Thursday (today) instead of Friday.

That appears to fit in with the somber mood which must have overtaken Miami Surfside and everyone else who are praying for all those families still waiting for miracles to happen as the search for those still missing continues. Therefore, those extra two days before Shabbat now represent an 11 -day period before Tisha B Av, another hint to 9/11.

Perhaps we should all now take time to pray for those families and all other victims of not only Surfside but all over the world by saying extra prayers, going to Shul, listening to sermons, fasting and giving charity.

There is no better time than NOW !!!!

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