Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


This article is not about the tragedies that Jews have experienced throughout history. We don’t understand why tragedies happen, but we believe that G-d does everything for our ultimate benefit.

Instead, I want to write about some of the miracles, in past generations, and the present. This can encourage optimism for the future, and can strengthen our trust in G-d, that He will protect His people.

Abraham defeats four powerful kings. (Genesis 14; 15)

The Jewish people leave Egypt, walk through the sea, (their enemies drown), experience G-d’s revelation at Mount Sinai, enter Israel and conquer it.

David smites Goliath.

The Jewish nation, though exiled, remain faithful to G-d. They study the Torah, fulfill its commandments, and survive 2,000 years as a light to the nations, while mighty empires vanish.

Israel wins a war in six days.

In the Yom Kippur War, the Egyptian army breaks through the Bar Lev Line and then (instead of proceeding to Tel Aviv, with no Israeli forces in between to stop them) inexplicably waits, giving Israel the ability to mobilize and counter attack.

In the First Gulf War, Iraq fires 39 Scud missiles against Israel. G-d miraculously protects us. The Second Gulf War eliminates Iraq’s regime.

Syria has become decimated by civil war, and is no longer a strong threat to Israel.

Libya’s leader was overthrown and killed. The country is embroiled in civil war, and is no longer a threat to Israel.

The Abraham Accords changed the Middle East, as Arab states form peaceful relations with Israel.

Saudi Arabia, afraid of Iran, has forged an informal alliance with Israel, and is poised to formalize relations.

In recent days, Hamas broke through Israeli defences, and reportedly had plans to proceed to Jerusalem, with no army standing in between. They became distracted, enabling Israel to gather forces and stop them.

Western powers are supporting Israel. American forces are poised to defend the Jewish nation. Missiles which were headed to Israel, were shot down by U.S. ships, and by Patriot defence systems in Saudi Arabia.

Biden was on his way to an Arab summit, which ostensibly would have applied pressure on Israel to give concessions, but by Divine Providence, Arab leaders cancelled the summit, and Biden went to Israel only, offering full support.

America has warned Iran to not escalate things. Many are optimistic that events may lead to the Iranian regime being toppled.

Israelis, who were formerly divided, are now united in their resolve to eradicate Hamas. Jews are accepting and appreciating each other. Bonds of love are uniting our people.

Israel has renewed and strengthened their faith in G-d, as many soldiers ask for Yarmulkes and Tzizit, and as the nation realizes that a sophisticated army, while necessary, needs G-d’s help to succeed.

Moshiach, and the Jewish people’s Redemption, seem imminent.

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