Mourning in America

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

It’s mourning again in America. 

Today, more men and women will die from the coronavirus than ever before in our country’s history . 

With levels of infection higher than they have been since the pandemic began, nearly 190,000 Americans will be diagnosed with COVID-19, more than at any time in the past ten months. 

This afternoon, thousands of people will lose a loved one, and with the virus continuing to spread they can look forward with fear to the future. 

It’s mourning again in America, and under the leadership of President Trump, our country is sicker, and weaker, and in tatters. 

Why would we ever want this to continue for another two months?

Inspired by President Reagan’s 1984 television ad and a May 2020 ad from the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump GOP group.

About the Author
Brian Burke is a Pittsburgh native and 2019 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied political science, history, and Jewish studies. In college, he was involved with Hillel and the David Project, holding several leadership positions including president of the Pitt Hillel Jewish Student Union in 2018. Like many early 20-somethings, he is figuring out what comes next amidst the health and economic uncertainties of these times.
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