Moving the Embassy: The Importance of American Jews Supporting I

Whatever you think of the new administration, their politics and policies, the reality is that they are here to stay. As members of the pro-Israel community, it’s our role to ensure as best we can through our activism and advocacy, that we make it clear to the new administration how important it is to to us, that the embassy be moved as soon as possible. I can almost predict the backlash from folks – “Nadia Kiderman, how can you possibly be a supporter of President Trump?”

That’s not what I said. What I said is that as a supporter of the state of Israel and one who seeks to promote Jewish continuity and our community’s interests, I Nadia Kiderman believe ardently that we need to do all we can from our standpoint, to ensure the administration feels that there is popular support among Americans (their constituents), for moving the embassy to the eternal capital of the state of Israel. The significance of moving the embassy to Jerusalem, cannot possibly be overstated.

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the state of Israel. And if we in the pro-Israel community can do all in our power to employ resources toward making sure the administration notices there is popular support among the American public for the move – it will be an incredibly important moment in Israel’s political history. Let’s make it all a part of our legacy. I, Nadia Kiderman, sure want to witness the embassy finally being moved from Tel Aviv to the eternal capital of the state of Israel – in real time. In my lifetime.

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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