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In the last couple of months, I decided to be more active with my dating life. I live in such a vibrant city full of fun bars and exciting things to do, but as most of you can relate, after a long day at work, all you want to do is relax on the sofa with a movie and popcorn. This totally happened to me and my roommate until we decided we needed to get back into the dating world and stop being so anti-social. So we did just that.

I re-downloaded Tinder and OK Cupid, you know, the good ol dating apps that help us in the 21st century as it is impossible these days to meet any sane person when out and about (though is anyone actually sane on these apps?) Anyway, I got back out there going on minimum two dates a week, usually useless ones to be honest but in this time I realized a lot. Whilst going through all these pathetic excuses for men and what they could (or couldn’t) offer me, I came to the conclusion of the kind of guy every woman wants and needs.

1) The guy who calls you when he says he will:
Who knew a phone call could mean so much to someone. There is nothing worse than going on a date with someone who says he will call and doesn’t. Regardless to the date, it seems that men these days have an allergy of PhoneToEar disease. Everything is over messages but to get the phone call, THE phone call, it is as if there is a god!!

2) The guy who texts you back in a reasonable amount of time:
I know I just mentioned phone calls, but come on, during the working day no one has time for a phone call. To me, there is nothing worse than a guy playing that 3 day rule. Who made that shit up anyway? Who genuinely thinks it is a good idea to wait 3 days until messaging? You like me? MESSAGE ME! If I haven’t heard after a day, I usually go off them.

3) The guy who doesn’t date/sleep with other girls whilst you guys have a ‘thing’ :
A decent guy because as we all know, once they think with their genitals, it’s all over. He has morals and respect and this is a man we all need.

4) The guy who tells you how he really feels:
In recent months, I have learnt to express myself more and not be so much of an emoshaphobe. So when I am looking for a guy, I want him to tell me what he feels too. Forget the drama, games and BS and say what you really feel!

5) The guy who does what he says he would do:
Did you make future plans? Did he stick to it? Mazal Tov! Unless there is a really good reason like someone stole your dog or your grandma is in ICU, don’t pretend like you ‘forgot’ our plans and have to cancel.

6) The guy who asks you to be exclusive:
In the words of Justin Timberlake.. “Would you be my girlfriennddddddd I’ll treat you goooodddd.” Isn’t this what every girl wants to hear when she is dating someone? You want this kind of guy because you have dated so many shmucks who it eventually faded with but this guy makes you feel special and that is what every girl needs.

7) The guy who can’t wait to introduce you to his friends and family:
If like me, you like it when you are dating a guy and he comes with you to functions where your friends are then he asks you to go to a family BBQ – ladies, this is EPIC NEWS! When a guy wants you to meet his friends or family, it is big.. Congratulations, you made it!

8) The guy who plans ahead:
Monday morning you get a text message.. “Babe, keep Saturday free, I want us to do something nice together.” Ok, ok, where ever this guy is, send him my way, because the ones I date seem to be so flakey and cannot even be sure if he can see you the next day! Making plans is sexy!!

9) The guy who doesn’t want/try to change you:
You were put on this earth as you. Always love and be proud of who you are. Never let a guy try and change qualities about you. This guy thinks you are amazing just the way you are and wouldn’t change you for the world!

10) The guy who listens:
On March 3rd you told him what your favourite flowers were. April 3rd, he sends those exact ones to your office. If he really likes you, he will remember everything you told him and that is important.

If you find a guy that has most/all of these qualities, well girlllllll, you are #WINNING

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