Arie E. Pelta
Arie E. Pelta

My Chanukah – The Actual Story (part 1 of 8)

Today begins the Holiday of Chanukah.  I think it is very appropriate to read the actual historical account, over the next eight days, as recorded in Megilas Chanukah.  We can see many aspects and conflicts of those times still exist today.

One can also attribute a Kabbalistic Sefira to each day.  Begin with Kesser and conclude with the eighth Sefira of Hod.  Chanukah represents the Kabbalistic Sefira of Hod הוד .

Day 1 of 8  – Kesser

Jewish Leaders Reject Judaism and Jewish Rule Over Israel

Alexander the Macedonian, the son of Phillip, killed the King of Persia and Media, and he ruled Greece.  Alexander the Great ruled for twelve years. He got ill and divided his kingdom among his loyal servants, they were all evil. Antiochus Epiphanes became the king in year 137 of Greek rule over Syria.  Evil men lived in Israel and proposed to king Antiochus to rule over Yerushalayim (Kislev 2017, USA President Trump recognized Jewish rule over Yerushalayim). The leader to the evil Jews was Yason (Jason) the brother of the Cohen Gadol, Chonyo (Onias).  Yason took over as Cohen Gadol after promising the king Antiochus a lot of money.  As Cohen Gadol, Yason encouraged Jews to reject Judaism and become secular Hellenistic Jews. He abolished Jewish Halacha law and instituted Greek customs.  Yerushalayim became full of physical fitness gyms.  During the 3rd year of Yason as Cohen Gadol, Menelaus brother of Shimon promised King Antiochus even more money than Yason paid him.  Menelaus was required to oppress the Jews in order to pay his debt to king Antiochus, but the people refused to pay.  After two years king Antiochus dispatched his minister and army to collect the taxes from the Jews of Israel.  They pillaged Yerushalayim.  This was a result of the greed of Menelaus and his treason against the Jewish people.

The Greek minister built a fortress in Yerushalayim for Yason and Menelaus. From there they continued to oppress their fellow Jews and force them to observe Greek laws (in our times, Reform Judaism insists on a secular prayer section at the Kotel). The Jews fled Yerushalayim for the desert. Subsequently, Yerushalayim became a city of gentiles.  In addition, the Beis Hamikdash stopped functioning.

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Arie E. Pelta, M.D., a Board Certified General and Colorectal Surgeon from the USA , made aliyah with his wife and 7 children in 2013. Received Rabbinical ordination in 1997. He is also a active Medical Corps Officer holding the rank of Captain in the IDF Reserves. Currently practicing in Laniado Hospital in Netanya; speciaizing in the surgical care of all problems of the colon, rectum and anus.
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