My Experience at Save a Child’s Heart

“And this, this is Charles. He already got his surgery and he is going home tomorrow. If you make him smile, you’ll get extra points!” said the girl who was telling us all about Save a Child’s Heart and what they do. I turned towards the playground that was behind us and saw some kids playing around and giggling. I couldn’t wait to go outside and play with them! I wanted to bring a smile to their faces and spend an afternoon making them happy. I was already thinking of games I could play with them and maybe a couple of corny jokes I could tell them when the girl talking to us said she was going to show us a video. She got my attention back.

The video showed kids that have received help from SACH as well as the doctors and volunteers who are part of this organization. Then the girl who was talking to us went back and explained more about SACH and how they are the one of the largest organization worldwide. that provides free medical services to kids that need cardiac care. This organization brings kids from all over the world to receive the treatment they need at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, a suburb that is near Tel Aviv. These kids come from families that would not be able to afford surgery otherwise. SACH has helped kids who have not celebrated their first birthday yet to teenagers. She also told us how they have treated kids from all over the world, including Gaza, West Bank, Ethiopia, Germany and more. I thought it was impressive how kids from all over the world are welcomed here, no matter race or religion. They are all treated as equals, and they all get the medical attention they need.

After learning all about SACH, the girl told us it was time to go outside and play with the kids. I was so excited to do so! I decided to take the challenge and play with Charles. I tried to approach him, but he was hesitant. I understood why the girl said we would get extra points if we made him smile. After a few minutes of me goofing around, he decided to play with me and soon he was running and laughing and bringing me around with him. I even got a hug from him! I was so happy to see Charles smiling and enjoying himself, especially knowing he was healthy and going home the next day thanks to the treatment he got from SACH. He is an example of the amazing work this organization does.IMG_0064

As I was playing with Charles I saw the rest of the Hasbara Fellows playing with other kids, making them smile and making them feel loved. As I saw the smile on the kids faces I realized how important it is for us to continue our relationship with them. Maybe we would be far away from them, but we could help them anyways.


Because of my experience there and the great labor they are doing, I am raising money for their Valentines Day Campaign. You can help make a kid smile and get the healthcare he/she needs by donating here. Every penny counts!

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Orly Margulis is a Jewish girl born and raised in Venezuela. She studies journalism at Drexel University. She is a book lover, passionate writer and color-code obsessed.
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