My interaction with an Israeli Student, Noam!


The world will learn to Co-exist with beautiful Israeli culture when their students study abroad.  

Israel is the birthplace of the Jewish society and their practice embraces the foundations of many Jewish cultural aspects, including knowledge, history, poetry, art, faith, traditions, spiritualism, and celebrations; as well as Judaism, which was also fundamental to the development of numerous other religions.  

Understanding Israeli culture is fascinating. It is such a subtle blend of customs, cuisines, and religions.    

Last month, I came across an Israeli student, Noam, in an international exchange program. We met randomly at a cafe in my city of Nagpur (India) and his inclination towards sparking a conversation was mesmerizing.  

After sipping a coffee together, he went on to describe his name.  

It meant tenderness.   

That’s where I started to know this captivating Jew culture, starting from names and the hidden meaning behind it. 

I am a Hindu based out of Nagpur, India. We are the oldest surviving religion with one of the richest histories in the world.  

Meeting Noam, I wanted to initiate a conversation and comparison between Hinduism and Judaism.  

I was instantly left awe-struck.  

Hinduism and Judaism are among the oldest existing religions in the world. The two share sparkling similarities and synergies throughout both the ancient and modern worlds. 

Both Hinduism and Judaism have played a crucial role in the modern world spirituality, race, language, and mythologies. Our countries have faced invasions, wars, mass massacre and yet, both India and Israel stood the test of times, and currently rising above the milky way, through peace and prosperity.  

Comparing the scriptures of Hindus and Jews, the Vedic sculpture and Torah have covered mystical cosmological conceptions, multi leveling realities that encircle both the historical and universal dimensions.  

Noam soon became a good friend to me as per daily discussions gave shape to awe-inspiring similarities between both our faiths.  

Students carry a beautiful intersection of their country’s culture, history, and heritage. Such exchange programs have become an opportunity of curious Noams’ across the world to learn, hear and teach their knowledge to the students from different parts of the world.  

Study Abroad programs include enthusiastic students voyaging in a different part of the world so that they can live and study numerous different cultures. It also involves teaching their own culture to other interested students and faculties. These facilities are available for graduate, college as well as high school students across the world. There are various study abroad guide available for the students and parents to explore several options. 

The world is one home for everyone due to globalization, and the inclination of the younger generation to co-exist is the main reason for it. In Sanatan Dharma, we call it, ” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.”  

This means, “the world is one.” 

I was “today Years Old” when I came across Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and other Jew Festivals. Noam carried the history behind Jew festivals all the way from Israel to my city of Nagpur. 

This is the beauty of youngsters exploring different countries.  

I had a cousin brother, Akshat, studying in Spain until last year.  He was an innocent, immature fool until 2015, who couldn’t differentiate between a sheep and a goat. He is now a different man altogether. His journey in Spain included learning Spanish, making friends and voyaging across different heritage cities. A degree is only a paper that he holds, but the cultural understanding is the real education he found living in Spain.  

He still cannot differentiate between a Sheep and a Goat though. (Haha)

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Nikhil Chandwani is an author of 13 Books, TED(x) Speaker, and Founder- Writers' Rescue Centre. He was recently awarded the Rashtriya Gaurav Award in 2019 (The Indian National Award) for excellence in social entrepreneurship. His firm, Writers' Rescue Centre has given voice to over 211 individuals in India through a Gurukul System. Nikhil is also a Visiting Professor with leading Indian Universities.
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