‘Narnia’, ‘Endor’, and ‘Palestine’ send teams to the Rio Olympics!

"Narnia", "middle earth", and "Palestine" send teams to Olympics
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By The Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 8/4/2016 at 7:30 AM

Rio de Janeiro: Sports fans everywhere are kind of excited, and for good reason: this year will see several make-believe nations compete in the Olympics, to include ‘Narnia’, ‘Middle Earth’, ‘Endor’, ‘Brigadoon’, and ‘Palestine’!  The Daily Freier had a chance to talk to some of the Olympic hopefuls about this exciting opportunity.

Grumash, an Orc explained that while he was representing Middle Earth, he was really from Omaha. “But half of the Palestinian team are actually from Germany, so the Olympic Committee was totally cool with it.” Grumash went on to explain that he is competing in the 50 Meter Swim. “Me and the Palestinian entry only missed qualifying by 4 seconds. That’s not even a long time. One, Two, Three, Four. So they let us in anyway. Isn’t this awesome? Hashtag Winning!

Wicket, an Ewok representing Endor, was equally ecstatic about this amazing opportunity. “When we found out the Palestinians were entering, I gathered everyone in our tree house on the Forest Moon and said ‘That’s it. They’re letting in pretend countries now.  This is our moment to shine!’ And sure enough, we emailed our forms to Rio and before we knew it, we were picking out Spandex uniforms!”

Wicket went on to explain that his team was not a traditionally ‘Ewok’ team. “We have Gus from Dublin, Maria from Ecuador, and Svetlana from Moscow.  But that’s just how it is in the Olympics.  We discussed it with some of the Palestinian contestants: Christian and Simon from Germany (THESE ARE THEIR REAL NAMES), and everyone agreed that it was all good. We even got to meet some of the Palestinian Team’s contestants for the next Olympics. Great group of folks: Shanaynay, Mendel, Tiffany, and Sean.

Even though the Olympics have yet to begin, everyone is already looking forward to the 2020 Olympics, which will be held in the 16th year of Mahmoud Abbas’ 4 year term of office

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