National Elections, Now

It was crystal clear that the state of Israel will not survive the Ben-Gvir-Smotrich alliance. When lead by Netanyahu who is desperately seeking personal survival, the levels of racism, fascism, hate and violence that this coalition produce, are way beyond the strength of the social-political resilient immune system of Israel. I thought that Israel will vanish within 2-3 decades with the current regime, but there is more than a few indications that the present war, and the formation of Ben-Gvir-Smotrich-Sinwar axis has catalyzed the decomposition process and it is happening rapidly.

The present government wants only three things: the continuation of the war forever so it will rule forever due to the “emergency” situation, to transfer billions of dollars to the settlers in the occupied territories and torture the Palestinians there, and transfer billions of dollars to the Haredi (orthodox Jews) institutions. This government, including Benny Gantz, does not really care for the Israeli hostages in Gaza, and this is exactly what the Israeli public opinion refuses to understand.

The hostages families are desperate. The freed hostages, who returned from hell and understand more than anyone else that the only thing that matters is time, call for immediate action to free those who are still in hell. Nurse Nili Margalit who was a Hamas hostage calls for immediate freedom for Israeli hostages, even if this takes freeing Hamas murderer terrorists. Protesting relatives of hostages are attacked by fascist supporters of the present government. And one of these relatives phrased the scorn of this government towards the hostages: for leavened bread (Hametz) they dismantle a coalition and a government but not for hostages freedom.

This is the worst and most expensive war that Israel faced. Its financial damages are very difficult to anticipate since it is still going on, but it is quite clear now: its destructive. And beyond and more important than economical damages, the mental-psychological burden is unbearable. Those who returned from fighting are not those who entered it. The army is spreading fake news, and some (too many) cases of Israeli hostages and soldiers death are “unnecessary”, including by toxic gas poisoning. The “most ethical army in the world” creates and uses dirty websites that show horrible scenes of Gazan victims.

The fact that Netanyahu is almost the sole responsible for the strength of the terror organization of Hamas, is now recognized by his very faithful partners. Unless this fascist-racist government is wiped out by immediate elections, evil will continue to dominate Israel. Morals are corrupted: there are too many cases of using the memory of the October 7th 2023 terror attack victims or pretend as survivals of this attack to gain illegal profit.

Ben-Gvir-Smotrich alliance is the face of this government, the face of present Israel. This face attacks the president of the USA, the most important ally of Israel. This face is violent for the sake of violence and spits on Christian cleric while saying “f**king Jesus”. This face distributes thousands of unnecessary machine guns to unqualified citizens by unqualified staff, and the danger of civil war is within eyesight.

Since the establishment of the state of Israel, political-ideological violence was one sided: right fascism against left. No exceptions. The worst peak of it was the murder of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. The hypocrisy is that these fascists are whining when they tasted their own medicine. And I want to make it clear right here: I am against any kind of political-ideological violence, so I believe that this evil government existence must be ended by democratic elections. Until then, Israel is on a slippery slope. Israel is on shambles. Presently, no one knows how to rise up from this abyss if this government is not erased.

About the Author
Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.
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