Arnold Flick

Netanyahu and the Court

To ease skepticism on advice from hutz l’aretz, some personal background is needed for the reader:

At 9 years old I was collecting for the JNF from neighbors: a letter from 9 year old me to Roosevelt against US support for the 1939 White Paper: near weeping when Golda and Moshe gave de facto control of Al Aksa to Jordan (did they not know the Arabs would extend that to the whole Mount): astonishment when Rabin signed and let Arafat and an army back into the territories: a distrust of Peres starting in the first Lebanese war. The slow seizure of power by Israel’s court was a continuing surprise but mollified by this was Jew on Jew and would self-correct. But it is not self-correction to impose change on an issue of such importance to all citizens. An unspoken pillar of this change is the orthodox; people who believe in an Adon Ulam G-d cannot compromise: as stated elsewhere, “Life on earth is short, the rest is eternity.”

Netanyahu is not among the orthodox; he does not want to destroy Israel. But he has painted himself into a corner with sides being his ego and the other his allies who have no understanding of the world. Israel has two more readings and someone must find a way for Netanyahu to extricate himself, but his ego requires that this someone must reach Netanyahu in private.

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Arnold L. Flick was born 1930 of secular, Zionist, Russian-Jewish immigrant parents. He has followed events in Israel since age seven when he first solicited for the “Jews of Palestine” on the streets of Los Angeles as a young member of Habonim. He was in Israel for four months 1990-91 and for two months 2002. He is active in the House of Israel Balboa park, a non-profit museum in Balboa Park, San Diego, that provides information about Israel to its 15,000 annual visitors.
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