Netanyahu thanks Brazil for “moving tribute” on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used his Twitter account today to thank Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for projection of the phrase “Holocaust never again” in the towers of the National Congress, last Thursday (2).

For the second consecutive year, the green block letters covered the facade of the 28-story towers of the Congress in Brasilia. The projection was promoted by the Brazilian Israelite Confederation (CONIB).

“Thank you to my friend, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian National Congress, and the Brazilian people, for this moving tribute on Holocaust Remembrance Day”, wrote the PM. “The words ‘Holocaust Never Again’ were projected on the Brazilian National Congress buildings”, he added.

Demonstrating being close to the Netanyahu, president Bolsonaro responded to the publication and called him by his nickname: “A big hug, Bibi, Shalom”.

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Jarbas Aragao is a Brazilian and US educated writer. He has worked as a translator and journalist. Also graduated in Theology, he runs Gospel Prime one of the biggest Christian News websites in Brazil. He is also a regular contributor to CBN/Mundo Cristiano.
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