Sharon Klaff

Neurofen plus no longer works

Burning Israeli flag on London Streets with impunity

Its been quite a heady few months and neurofen plus no longer works.

  • The UK is completely rudderless
  • Two Jewish activists sentenced on trumped up charges
  • Jews are now completely white fascist Zionists
  • Antisemitism serves its purpose

The UK is reeling from lack of political credibility with Labour Party institutional antisemitism still prevalent and the fractured Conservative Party seeking a new leader who will naturally become the next Prime Minister. Hanging overhead is the question IN or OUT, will we all be shaken about? 

The next prime minister has a Herculean task to conclude the Brexit issue as a first stage in tackling the delegitimisation of the western democracy.

The BBC in its programme Our Next Prime Minister with its chaotic format and lack of direction, presents a prime example of the current disarray as the now two centurions battle it out to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Its Q&A typified how politics has become a tool of subversion, exampled by the final question posed by Imam Abdullah Patel. This Patel is a rabid antisemite. The BBC either knew and expressly included him, or they’re incompetent and failed to research his background. Either way, introducing a non-sequitur topic to this political debate, raises the question: where was the Rabbi, the Priest and the Guru?

This little vignette speaks loudly under the rule of silence. The UK is facing the complete breakdown of its political system and the state owned BBC becomes partisan in this breakdown. Psychiatrist anyone?

In the meantime two pro Israel activists were charged on spurious grounds and brought to court on 20 June. They took a plea bargain, making a deal for a lesser charge even though they had not committed any crime, thus missing the opportunity to expose their accusers in an open court. They received nominal sanction, even though all charges were trumped up by a group of anti-Israel antisemites using law-fare as their weapon. This shouldn’t have happened given the edited video presented by the Crown Prosecutor that ought to have been challenged, and the weak evidence that was never heard in court.

Sitting there watching through the glass-protected screen, two Jews being strung up, with two Jewish lawyers representing them, I understood how Dreyfus must have felt with the full force of the law weighing down on him, watched from the public gallery by a brace of antisemites, when he knew he’d not committed a crime.

Now its being pushed around that several other activists were party to this conviction, thus defaming innocent people and adding to the prevalent antisemitic atmosphere. Another little vignette as example of the wider threat to western democracy.

Sometimes I feel as though I live in a parallel world and that this nightmare is not happening, again. Then I think back to Mihail Sebastian describing how very gradually Jews were stripped of all civil rights until they became ashes feeding the pine forests of Europe. And I cannot believe that now we are once more experiencing the seeds of another hostility that ultimately culls Jews to extinguish western democracy. 

Once Jews were just Jews, ripe for the picking. Hijack their religion and they’ll submit, steal their land and they’ll move on, embrace their victimhood and they’ll surrender, reach out as a good neighbour and they’ll embrace. But, even as they were variously expelled, denuded, gassed, burned, the Jews endured, they stuck around as orphans wandering in strange lands, toiling, producing, participating, creating, successful in their desire to please, to stay safe, to survive, to never be moved on again to somewhere else. Despite this ingratiating service to the host state, Jews have always been rejected and reviled, shifted around from their natural birthright in the Middle East by invaders and conquerers to wonder the world, stateless, forever the victim of the reluctant host.

Jews were always considered “the other”, not suitable as members of polite society and the 20th century abounds with examples, the Holocaust being the watershed of depravity. They weren’t Anglo-Saxon and they weren’t Aryan. They also weren’t Arabian. As a result, Jews were quota’d into the UK in their deepest time of need as they tried to flee the German genocide, and they were ironically quota’d into the British Mandated territory of Palestine, the Jewish ancient birthright, whilst at the same time the Arab leader in the region, Haj Amin Hosseini, formed an axis with Germany to keep Jews from escaping into Mandated Palestine. Undesirables in the place of their birth, they had to jump queues to find sanctuary in the UK and become illegal immigrants in their ancient homeland administered as it was by the British. As a result many more Jews perished in the gas ovens of Europe than might have.

Imagine a world war in which both protagonists pushed Jews to their death, one in extermination factories, the other through quotas, so that no matter which side, Jews travelled a one way dead-end street.

As the horrors of the Holocaust unfolded, it was a bit unfashionable to be openly antisemitic. With time though, confidence to indulge again in overt Jew hate grew as memory of the horrors faded, until now when the third generation is too distanced to have first hand knowledge of what took place under the noses and auspices of their grand-parents and parents. With the rebirth of Israel as the Jewish homeland, it was thought that Jews would forever be protected against radical Jew hatred and its ultimate consequences.

Nobody envisaged that the Jewish state would become the embodiment of the Jew in the race hate stakes. Jews erroneously thought that were they like any other nation with a place to call home, they’d be equal amongst the states of the world. 

The rise in Jew hate is directly proportionate to Israel’s development into a fully fledged first world country, with neighbours who it is clear were never going to accept the presence of a Jewish state that apprehended their occupation of Judea and Samaria. By 2014 at the time of the Gaza war, Operation Pillar of Defence, antisemitism had again became rampant across the globe as social media penetration grew. People who are now pillars of respectability, running organisations espousing hope and anti-fascism with some serving as members of parliament, were then expressing the vilest of anti Jewish invective. By 2015 with the ascent of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, antisemitism became an acceptable form of racism, with the Labour Party particularly doing little to end it. And so Jew hatred, the plat du jour dished up as three course meal, is forcing Jews again to reconsider their allegiances. 

But something has transpired that poses an interesting conundrum. Nowadays it is no longer acceptable to black-hole a people that categorises them out of society. You’d be accused of supporting Apartheid. Life is all about equality whilst at the same time ironically a celebration of diversity, so that Black Lives Matter and LGBTTTQQIAA+++, for example. Except of course if you’re ‘white’. Whites are not afforded race or any kind of hate status. You will therefore not be surprised to learn that in the tradition of exclusion, Jews have been ‘whitewashed’. For those who are not sure what that means, beware, as Jews are now unavoidably white, a triple whammy for a people who used to be so stand-alone ethnic, outside of any society, so as to be not white, not black, not brown. 

Being uncompromisingly white, Jews are pigeon-holed with other whites,  supremacists, colonialists, Westerners who circumferenced the earth acquiring foothills in other people’s lands, exploiting resources to build empires. How convenient to have all Jews in step with all things white and at the same time with occupying empires. Jewish Race Hate obliterated in 5 easy letters, antisemitism, now passé, confined to history as Jews are blanched, a colourless people neatly aligned to that abuser of ethnicities, the collective expansionist colonialist, slave trader and asset stripper, excluded from race hate so that the IHRA definition of antisemitism, as accepted by governments and local councils, denoting the idea of a definition as benchmark for use against race hate, becomes only a tool for others to emulate. A valiant attempt to contain hatred against Jews, it becomes redundant if Jews are white, but it’s essence becomes the bedrock definition of an ethnic race hate from which Jews, being white, no longer suffer.

So with Jews neatly tucked away from the vast array of ever expanding intersectional, self-defining ethnicities demanding special recognition and legal entitlements, you’d think that would be case closed. After some 3000 years the final solution is dealt and not a corpse amongst them. But, you’d be wrong. These pesky Jews with their audacity to survive beyond all others, with their renewed Hasmonean courage to speak out against their persecution, to fight back against those who attack them, trying to eradicate them, they must be completely deregulated if they’re to be thoroughly annihilated and that includes the embodiment of the Jews, their nation state Israel. 

Cue the annual Iranian creation given free reign to parade through Western cities seeking their return to an Al Quds of their imagination, ring-fenced and escorted by masses of police armed with go-pros and section 14 notices. In other words, whilst in the Western world Jews become white, in the Middle East they’re stripped of Jerusalem, aka their history, for without Jerusalem what are the Jews?

With their history subverted, their ethnicity blanched, Jews became occupiers, existential expansionist colonialist occupiers. They became evil, responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire. That’s what the self defined “Nazi with an mm on the end” and “you can clap, we’re not in Stanmore” Ali confidently told his increasingly Islamic co-paraders and Imams at the  2017 AIM (Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission) and IHRC (Islamic Human Rights Commission) march through London, supported by the inveterate Jew haters of the PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign). The “water tight” belted and braced with an ID parade case against Ali was thrown out by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service), the not so independent UK Judiciary, as no case to answer, despite reference to “Rabbis of the Board of Deputies” and “Synagogues” and rhetoric of “its in their genes, its in the Jews’ genes to occupy ….”. Mr “Nazi with an mm” was  not arrested, but set free to carry on successive years of Jew baiting as it became clear that the very essence of the Jew had to be removed if the project was to succeed.

Enter the “fascist Zionist”. Jews, airbrushed completely, reincarnated not just as any old Zionists, but fascist Zionists so that even the police directed Jews to the “Zionist” side of the street. Being okay to hate Zionists because they’re fascists, it becomes clear why the term Zio used to describe Jews, is not considered hate speech, why endless social media outlets espousing anti-Zionist invective become acceptable in a world that increasingly embraces the given that antisemitism and anti-Zionism are poles apart giving licence to express of the same Jew hate labelled as criticism of the Zionist aspiration to world domination through it’s collective Israel, governed as a regime of the right. Transference proceeding full steam ahead in pursuit of a renewed Andalusia with its greater vision of global Otomisation.

Looking back it becomes clear that the dehumanisation of the Jew is a continuum taking place on the doormat of the wider community. Mention ‘Durban’ and up jumps the idea that Zionism is racism. Fast forward to find now that all Jews are Zionists, with all Zionists white fascists, who are occupying land belonging to others. Let us not forget those holding the ear of government, who did not want Balfour’s declaration, who created a firm distinction between antisemitism and anti-Zionism, who still propagate a two state solution that has failed in all its incarnations and those who claim to combat antisemitism “wherever it raises its ugly head” yet fail completely to acknowledge Islamic antisemitism. And every time we hear the self-declared apolitical Jewish leadership saying, “its ok to criticise Israel, but…” whose emissaries act to deplatform those who call out delegitimisation of Jews, we know that the hatred of Jews, travelling through various incarnations has again almost reached a point of no return. No wonder Jews are leaving Europe and increasingly planning ahead to leave the UK. 

With the democratically elected government of the only democracy in the Middle East openly and publicly called out for opprobrium above all others, a climate is established in which the Jewish state becomes a ‘regime’ with all its connotations. Couple this with disapproval of the Israel supporting democratically elected President of the United States of America, the unwitting pandering to the BDS (Boycott Divest Sanction anti Israel entity) that has infiltrated every aspect of society from play-schools to universities to local and central government, whilst indulging in an interfaith enterprise that focuses mainly on the Islamic community hiding behind the smokescreen of being only anti-Zionist, exampled by the cancellation of a “good neighbour” event with the Holocaust charity Yad Vashem because they didn’t realise it [Yad Vashem] had “international connections” or “political affiliations”, and for “collaborating with Zionists”, and the dehumanisation of the Jews rolls forward.

In parallel with the extinction of the Jew as Jew, runs the idea generally of establishing Islam as a race, a proposed definition stating: “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness”, so that the definition of antisemitism that no longer applies to Jews who are whitewashed and recreated as a fascist Zionist entity, has served its purpose by paving the way for a back door blasphemy law. The NSS (National Secular Society) open letter signed by representatives of the think tank Civitas, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, the Network of Sikh Organisations and Christian Concern, argues that the definition “is being taken on without an adequate scrutiny or proper consideration of its negative consequences for freedom of expression, and academic or journalistic freedom”. Noted by its absence from this open letter are representatives of the Jewish community.

In such a circumstance Jews become non existent. No Jews means no Jewish Race Hate. Not having to hate Jews provides a huge sense of relief to the antisemite, flushing his conscience of a past guilt, leaving him free to oversee a future in which the “Zionist” flag can be burned with impunity “under control” in the streets of London, granting permission to transfer that illogical ancient hatred on to the “white Jew” as the supremacist, the existential expansionist fascist Zionist colonialist entity that strives to dominate the world through its lobbies and bankers, hell bent on eradicating the Palestinian entity, that 1964 construct, the PR weapon with which to attack Jews, having donned the mantle provided by all that was once Jewish, his religion, his history, his land, his persona and now his very existence.

In such times of uncertainty history teaches us that appeasement leads to catastrophe. Who becomes the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is crucial, a Churchill vs Chamberlain moment, with Brexit not solely about exiting the EU, but the focus of a greater world conflict. The difficulty in our time is exacerbated by the nature of the circumstance. No longer are battles waged country against country, but rather from within communities lending credence to the reds under the beds scenario. This time though the reds are joined by the greens and nobody is allowed to talk about it. 

The non-existent Jew

Surreal, it feels like time has stalled,
so still, so quiet
as the idea of being non-existent
plays its deathly tune on the silent grey-celled keyboard,
when finally the pianist’s hand hangs in the air
before it pounds the base notes,
like that moment the nuclear cloud hovers
before it explodes,
total annihilation,
we stand as Jews who’ve again been dehumanised,
not simply tattooed as we march two by two,
but numbered for extinction.
(SDK June 2019)

About the Author
Sharon Klaff lives in London with her family where she is active in combating replacement ideology and antisemitism. She is a founder member of Campaign4Truth, the grassroots group established in 2009 and affiliated with Eye on Antisemitism monitoring anti-Semitism on social media.
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