Nice to meet you (an overdue blog preface)

In a world where billions exist,
We live only one version of the human experience.
This blog; or rather, this collection-
Is a consolidation of syllables, sparks, and stardust,
That I have acquired over the course of my life- thus far.

In this postmodern ether,
We spend a lifetime chasing happiness;
(What we subjectively perceive happiness to be.)
While most of us are fortunate enough to experience joy,
love, and a myriad of worldly pleasures,
Sadness, suffering, and hardship are inevitable-
These feelings are inherently human.
They are what make us, us.

For I have suffered, and I shall suffer again.

I am often asked, by my American peers:
Why did you not dodge the IDF draft?
Why did you not go to college?
Why have you postponed the start of you life,
and beleaguered yourself with hardship?

With summer sweat on my brow,
A pair of red combat boots caked with dirt,
And the reflection of Jordan,
In my tired, glassy eyes,
I gaze at the one’s who ask these questions-
With a gentle smile playing at my lips.

I know not, to where the gossamer breeze will take me,
But I know very well, to where I have been.

With this notion front and center in my consciousness,
I will share with you, dear reader, my “beens“.
In the hopes that it may,
Perhaps- shed some color, and insight onto yours.

Welcome to the world, through my eyes.

Abigail Leibowitz

About the Author
My name is Abigail Leibowitz, I’m 19, and serve in a combat battalion. I am originally from New York and made Aliyah with my family in 2010.
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