Doniel Katz

No, it’s not ‘complex’; why does everyone say it is?

Save me from one more pop star, social media influencer, politician, or late-night talk show host who feels compelled to begin their Israel sympathy speech with the words, “Although the ongoing conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine is complex”…

“Complex”? Really? Nope. Despite the world claiming so, it’s not complex and it never was.

(And to be clear: perpetuating that lie and the moral ambiguity it encourages is literally what led to the unspeakable horrors perpetrated on our people this week.)

Since the founding of the State, the leaders of the “Palestinian people” have been widely known and well documented to be unabashedly anti-Semitic, genocidal, radical-Islamic, Nazi-partnering, history-distorting, brutally violent, misogynistic, money-hoarding, utterly deceitful and corrupt terrorists.

Worse – they deliberately kept their own people impoverished and in desperation for decades, by denying them every opportunity to heal, rebuild and thrive. With the clear intention to radicalize them for their own corrupt cause. Indoctrinating them with lies and hate from the youngest age, to the point where the people themselves would vote their ISIS-level repressors into formal government. To the point of total moral corruption, when the seemingly average Palestinian on the street joyfully celebrates when they hear that Jewish men, women and children have been raped, butchered and massacred.

“Palestinian” leadership in all its forms has clearly stated its intent from the beginning. The Hamas charter states explicitly that their ultimate goal is to slaughter the Jews and wipe Israel off the map. When people tell you who they are, you should believe them.

So what is all this “complexity” of which our modern digital gurus speak?

As far as I’m concerned, the only complexity about the Middle East has been why the world has been completely unable to see it for what it is.

Until today.

Though astonishingly, even now, with babies being decapitated and literally a thousand decimated bodies strewn on the ground before us – some people still can’t get down from their PC soapbox, acknowledge the truth and make an unequivocal moral distinction.

Hashem yerachem.

I say it again – there’s never been anything complex about the situation in the Middle East except the world’s inability to acknowledge the truth.

And now we’ve learned it’s more than complex – it’s dangerous.

For when we lack the moral clarity and courage to recognize evil, we will remain complicit in its perpetuation and all the destruction it wreaks.

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Rav Doniel Katz, international lecturer and spiritual guide, has transformed the lives of thousands around the world with his profound, open and compassionate teachings. He’s the Founder/Director of The Elevation Project, which through seminars, retreats and online programs is dedicated to bringing the Torah and Kabbalah’s ancient systems of meditation and personal development back to the forefront of the generation’s spiritual culture. International speaking highlights include: presenting at the symposium on “Contemplative Techniques of Abrahamic Traditions,” hosted by the Dalai Lama’s Mind & Life Institute; lecturing at the Sinai Indaba conference in South Africa, where over 5,000 attended his Elevation workshops; and his 2016 appearance at “the world’s premiere mindfulness-in-business conference,” Wisdom 2.0 in Tel Aviv.
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