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No Palestinian state, yes common sense and self-defense

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In recent days, high-ranking leaders of both the United States and the United Kingdom have reportedly been considering recognizing a Palestinian state. Israel’s cabinet, followed by a full Knesset vote, rejected what they called, “International diktats,” and “reward to terrorism.” Polling indicates that the Israeli public overwhelmingly opposes a Palestinian state.

No people or nation “deserves,” or has a “right” to statehood:

No people or nation “deserves,” or has a “right” to statehood. Statehood is earned. There are over 3,000 estimated, stateless nations and only approximately 200 states. Many, such as the Tamils, Pashtuns, Kurds, Uigurs, Oromo, Yoruba, and Igbo, are more peaceful, larger, have a longer history, a stronger economy, and more durable, sustainable cultural institutions. Statehood is earned by military, economic, and diplomatic power. It is maintained by civic institutions, a unified citizenry, a coherent culture, and many other aspects of united peoplehood. The Palestinians are among the least deserving of a state.

Palestinians have a history of violence and terrorism:

Palestinians have a history of terrorism, locally and internationally. They continue to practice, celebrate, and brag about their terror and war crimes let alone renounce them. Palestinians have brought the world airplane and cruise ship hijackings, suicide bombings, stabbing attacks, car-ramming attacks, political assignations, indiscriminate bombing of civilians, rape, mutilation, and all manner of atrocities against Israel, and the world at large. Any leader of Israel, the US, or the UK has a responsibility to protect their citizens. Any support of the Palestinian culture of hate and violence is an abdication of this basic responsibility of leadership. Statehood would provide numerous opportunities to support violence directed at others and Palestinians themselves. It would protect corrupt, totalitarian leaders.

Palestinians have no agreed-upon or responsible leadership:

Palestinians have a history of tribalism and factionalism and have no agreed-upon leadership. Among the various competing warlords of Hamas, Palestinian Authority, PIJ, PFLP, Lion’s Den, Fatah, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, and many others there is violence and contention. They refuse elections. Leaders and their family members live in luxury in foreign countries. Palestinian leaders are corrupt, they steal aid money and engage in local and international crime, including extortion, and money laundering. Palestinian leaders abuse their citizens and have no respect for the rule of law or human rights.

Palestinians have failed to develop civic institutions:

Palestinians have failed to develop the civic institutions necessary to sustain an independent state. Their judiciary, public utilities, commercial structures, healthcare, education, and other public services are provided by others or mired in corruption and neglect. They are the most subsidized people in the world, yet they squander the aid they are given on violence and corruption.

Palestinians are anti-American, anti-Western culture, and antisemitic:

Polling indicates overwhelming anti-American, anti-Western, and antisemitic views among Palestinians. They have consistently supported the enemies of the US, UK, and Israel.  They allied with the Central Powers in WWI, the Axis in WWII, the Soviets in the Cold War, Saddam Hussain’s Iraq in the Gulf War & the Iraq War, they celebrated Al Qaida’s attack and sided with the Taliban after 9/11, they sided with Moamar Khaddaffi in 2011, with the Egyptian, Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship of Mohammed Morsi, & w/ Assad in the Syrian civil war. They currently support and cooperate with Russia and Iran against the interests of free, democratic countries. Palestinians teach their children hate and violence so that each successive generation is more violent than the previous one. Palestinian leaders and the population will not agree to renounce the goals of elimination of the Jewish state of Israel and the right of return of Palestinians to Israel.

Given the Palestinian’s chronic geopolitical and military alliance with the enemies of the United States, the UK, and Israel, it is an abdication of the duty to protect one’s citizens for any leader of the US, UK, or Israel to advocate for strengthening Palestinians in any way, let alone statehood. We have everything to lose and nothing to gain from a Palestinian state. Do we need a base for terrorists to operate? Do we need another vote against us at the UN? Do we need to widen our sworn enemies’ economic and diplomatic circles of cooperation?

Promoting a Palestinian state at this time is a reward for terrorism:

Promoting a Palestinian state at this time, so soon after the October, 7 massacre is a reward for terror, atrocities, mutilation kidnapping, and rape. This would encourage our enemies and discourage our friends. Such a display of weakness would be a serious, self-inflicted setback to our diplomatic and security efforts.

Say no to a Palestinian state:

Palestinians have no inherent right to a state, are not deserving of statehood, present a clear and present danger to the world, and should be treated accordingly.

Those in Israel, the US, the UK, and throughout the world who are still advocating for a Palestinian state are foolishly supporting terrorism, and chaos while compromising their interests. Such a state would become a failed state and a likely haven for terrorists and criminals. Say no to a Palestinian state.

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Barry Tigay is a Ph.D., Retired Clinical Psychologist, and Zionist.
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