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Nuclear fallout

With the P5+1 negotiating team’s capitulation to Iran now complete, and not wishing to rehash things I have already written, what more can I say?  And what can I write that you may not have already heard or understood?  Please read on.

When Barack Obama first ran for President, I thought he would be another Jimmy Carter.  I was wrong.  I didn’t think it possible, but Obama is actually worse than Jimmy Carter.  Carter was a disaster but I knew the damage he had caused could be reversed.  And thankfully, it was.

It is tragic that so many still suffer in this lowest-since-within-the-Carter-years labor force participation rate economy making the unemployment rate look better than it really is, but I am confident that once Obama leaves office, the economy will turn around.  I do think that some of the damage Obama has caused in the foreign policy arena will eventually be corrected, although it will take a lot of time and pain.

I am very sorry to say however, that which he has produced in regards to Iran will never be rectified.  Yes, Congress may, albeit unlikely, overturn a presidential veto of its attempt to keep US sanctions against Iran in place, but once the UN gives the deal the OK, and they will very soon, the damage will in effect be done.  Our UN ambassador Samantha Powers has already distributed a draft resolution in support of the deal to the UN.  The UN before the US, that’s how Obama operates.  Big shock.

I am old enough to remember after Jimmy Carter had become so unpopular with the Jewish American community that Carter would send his VP Walter Mondale to make nice with the Jews.  Mondale had a good record with Israel and even though he was Carter’s guy he wasn’t deemed as reprehensible as his boss.

Last week, because of his pro-Israel (in the past) bona fides, VP Joe Biden was sent to Capitol Hill to make the Iranian deal case to certain Democratic senators known to be strongly pro-Israel, such as Maryland’s Jewish Senator, Ben Cardin.  Biden’s lobbying was not simply because he was the Vice-President, and he pretty much had no involvement with the negotiations.

Have you seen the after-the-talks-were-done pictures of all those negotiators including the Iranian Foreign Minister standing there and smiling as if they had just returned from a night out of clubbing and carousing?  Had the talks been in any way properly and responsibly handled, the Iranian representative would not be a part of what looked to be a bunch of grinning goofballs yucking it up for the cameras.  He would have been on his way, devil’s tail between his legs, back to the Islamic State of Terror Iran licking his wounds.

How absolutely giddy John Kerry and the other gullible six world power representatives were.  The irreparably naïve of course, cannot comprehend even the obvious.

In a fair court of law, any kind of bias is not only frowned upon but illegal.  Serious negotiations about something as threatening and deadly as a rogue terror nation’s nuclear weapons program would need to be, one would think, even more meticulous than the most careful judicial process.  Everyone knows the P5+1 countries, especially Russia, China and Germany are chomping at the bit to get their armaments trade machines rolling toward the Iranian mullahs.  Impartial participants they are not.

The Iranians are a threat to the capitulators and not just Israel and the Arab gulf states.  The irresponsible P5+1 representatives know, but do not care, that Iran will aim its missiles at their own populations, and will use its ill-gotten sanctions relief to continue to foment region destabilization while maintaining, even ramping up, its support for radical Islamists and terrorist organizations that will undoubtedly murder those six world power negotiators’ own citizens.  But hey, legacy and money trump all.

There has been a lot of talk about the nonsense regarding “anytime, anywhere” inspections when for non-identified sites it takes up to 24 days to get in.  So the Obama administration lied about that as well, no surprise.

So what’s this 24 days business?  Basically, if IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspectors feel Iran is in violation of the agreement at off limits to inspectors sites, yes, sites that are not listed to be inspected go figure, the inspectors may request access.

If Iran refuses access, Iran and the IAEA have 14 days to work things out.  If there is no agreement, what is known as the Joint Commission which consists of the US, the European Union, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, China and get this, Iran, yes Iran, would have 7 days to consider the IAEA request.  At least five of the eight members then give Iran its decision with the Ayatollahs having 3 days to make a decision.  24 days.  If Iran does not comply, sanctions are then snapped back into place.

This is the text of the agreement if you want to see for yourself.  Go to Section Q, Paragraph 78.

Hey, don’t you like that “snapback” term?  Like, bang!  Everything that had over many years been painstakingly and with tremendous effort and deliberation put into place, just like that, gets snapped back into place!  Wow!  How fortuitous!  But, let’s see.  Hmm, Iran will vote how?  And Russia, China and at least a couple of the other greedy scoundrels happy with their new Iranian business contracts will vote how?  With all this stupidity, Iran doesn’t even need to cheat.  But they will anyway of course as they have been to this point, contrary to Obama’s and Kerry’s lies.

Obama said in his press conference last week that the Iranians would not be able to hide anything even after 24 days.  Some scientists agree, but others do not.  When Obama announced the agreement the day before, he said it was based on verification and not trust.  If trust is an issue, why give the Iranians even 24 minutes?  The best use of the word “snap” would be for snap inspections.  Authentic.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  Period.  This is Iran!  Why take delay tactic chances?

Finally, Obama and so many in the media when speaking of Israeli objections to the Iran agreement only speak about that dastardly right-winger, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Here is the truth, the reality that Obama and his sycophants within and without his administration know very well.  It is not just the right in Israel who oppose this deal.  It is the center and even the left!  Yitzchak Herzog, the leftist leader who ran against Netanyahu in the last Israeli election, the man the Obama administration desperately wanted to defeat Netanyahu, while ridiculously blaming the Israeli PM for not somehow forcing a different outcome, did say the agreement with Iran was a, “horrible deal, one that will go down as a tragedy of the ages.”

Years from now, as citizen Barack Obama traverses the back nine, the repercussions from his short-sighted, selfish and destructive foreign policy will wreak even more havoc than his inability to lead has already caused.  A legacy indeed.  Just the very worst kind.

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Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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