Mitch Bronston

Obama is getting what he wanted

Blinken: Israel effectively lost sovereignty in North due to Hezbollah.

The very nature of the wording of what Blinken is saying here, echoes the Obama worldview. Biden is but an afterthought here, as he is irrelevant. This is all Barack Obama! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He is directing the show from Martha’s Garden, and the loyal Demo-pawns fall right in step.
Obama’s narrative is to marginalize the Jewish presence on planet Earth, to such an extent, that Jews are reduced to second class citizens, sitting in their homes, spinning dreidels, and eating bagels. And that’s just America! His plan for Israel is to carve it up like a Thanksgiving turkey, giving away whole chunks to radical Islam, as Blinken implied in this pronouncement.
Even during a war for Israel’s very survival, the Obama directed ‘badgering’ about a ‘two state solution’, over and over again, just identifies this narrative even more. Under this criteria, Israel will be reduced to a sliver about 9 miles wide, surrounded by ‘globally recognized’ Palestine, armed to the teeth, and driven by genocide for the rest of what’s left of Israel. Another 100 years. Making “River to the Sea” legal and sovereign. Hezbollah will take the Galilee, ‘Palestine’ will take the center, and Jihadi Bedouin will over-run the Negev, all financed by the US, the UN, and the EU, with arms from Russia, Iran, and China.
As Tevya said in Fiddler…”the Messiah? We’ll just have to wait for him someplace else.”
Better stock up on your bagels.
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Mitch is currently retired and an adjunct instructor at Western Iowa Technical Community College Sioux City Iowa USA.
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