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Obama’s “Daylight”

When Obama was president he said he wanted to put some “daylight” between Israel and the United States. Recent headlines: “Obama Criticizes Israel over Gaza: ‘‘Don’t Harden Palestinian Attitudes for Generations’.”  The precious little “daylight” Israel has left is despite Obama’s very public paradigm shift during his presidency, blaming only Israel for the lack of peace because of the “settlements”, while failing to ever adequately confront the “Palestinian” Arabs’ repeated rejections of peace offers.  I’ll always recall when friends came to visit, they repeated Obama’s “settlement” sentiments as the reason there is no peace. When I asked them if they knew what percentage of the “West Bank” are actually “settled” by Jews, they blushed and admitted they didn’t know. It was less than 3%. I reminded them that as Jews, they had a special obligation to first know the facts, before spouting what they hear on mainstream media. 

Obama’s warning about “attitudes of generations hardening” is an almost laughable, theater of the absurd “warning.” He fails to mention the “Palestinian” Arabs’ generations of virulent “hardened” antisemitism on their official media, for anyone who cares to view it. He fails to mention their payments to all who kill Jews as an act of holy jihad martyrdom, naming streets after them, sending their children to summer camp to learn how to use guns to kill more Jews. 

In my Blog, “How Many Times Do We Need to Bear Witness”

I reminded everyone:

 “Arafat, who orchestrated the massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich to “put the Palestinians on the map,” speaking in Arabic, told his fellow Arabs that the Oslo Peace Accords is just a small stepping stone to buy time until we can rid ourselves of the Jewish State. But for Clinton and the West, he smiled for the cameras.”  Arafat brought Israel waves of suicide bombings, terrorists stabbing Israeli citizens as they prayed, worshipped and slept. Should we assume Obama “forgot” about this, or just didn’t want to bring up any uncomfortable facts which go against his own alternative reality ”hardening” narrative?  He personifies typical western thought which continues to deny, enable, excuse and minimize the sad fact that yes, Virginia, there are fanatical, “evil”, “bad”, organized groups in our world who seek to dominate and destroy, who…just hate Jews. 

Many thousands of “Palestinian” Arabs voted for Hamas. The fact that Gaza uses their millions to build tunnels to infiltrate and kidnap Israelis, instead of building communities of prosperity and peace, also goes unmentioned by Obama.   He is clearly echoing the false cry of “desperation” used to justify brutality and jihad. Truly “desperate” people have no options. Obama’s failure to take this opportunity to remind the world of the many peace offers rejected by the “Palestinian” Arabs, who never once made a counter offer for peace, is an obscenity in and of itself, irrespective of Hamas’ genocide.  

This also would have been an opportune time to call attention to, and condemn, their leader Abbas’ recent speech, blaming Jews for the Holocaust but instead he chose to warn Israel who has already paid the bloody price, many times over, of attempting peace with their jihadi neighbors.

I won’t even mention here, his sending naive, in-over-his-head, now turned climate fanatical crazy John Kerry, to negotiate a deal with The Islamic Republic of Iran. 

While Israeli babies were beheaded, women raped, paraded naked through the streets by Hamas terrorists, while Israeli forensic teams are trying to identify, from the charred remains those burned alive, he has the audacity to give advice to, and warn Israel about these Arabs’ “future hardening” while totally ignoring these Arabs’ decades of already “hardened” vows to never permit “the evil Zionist entity to exist in their midst, with any boundaries”, which Abbas says repeatedly, and which western media ignores.  The Jewish state has always been considered an affront to their pride. It has never been about “land.”

In my 2021’s “Crocodile Tears”,

I asked,”If G-d forbid, Hamas’ Islamic Jihad infiltrated Israel via the tunnels of terror they used millions of dollars to build, and carried out their openly stated goal of killing every Jew in sight, while the supreme leader, Khameni, of the Islamic Republic of Iran who funds them, celebrated the victory, and began working on its openly stated larger goal of going after Jews worldwide, what would European leaders, Western leaders, leaders of the United States, say or do? The useless crocodile tears will fall on the graves of beautiful, brave young Jewish soldiers whose only crime was to be forced to defend their legal Jewish homeland of Israel. How many dead Jews are enough for Hamas, for mainstream media’s apologists for these genocidal terrorists? Never enough. Never again? Think again. Unless and until Jews worldwide unite in their condemnation of Islamic Jihad’s Hamas and Iran’s calls for genocide and unless and until mainstream media stops portraying these butchers as victims, the unthinkable is on everyone’s mind. This has nothing to do with Israel’s policies. It is about survival and genocide. How many times do we need to remind you out there Jihad begins with the Jews, and ends with you.”

My advice for Obama. No one needs or wants to hear your “advice.”  Israel is the last place on earth to take any advice or warnings seriously from you. You built yourself a presidential memorial library. Go hang out there and study up on the various Islamic factions who make the Middle East a continuing nightmare for Jews. Or, stay indefinitely in your Martha’s Vineyard mansion and just enjoy the beach. Or, better yet, take up a vow of silence for the duration. Whichever option you choose, go away. Go far away.

Ginette Weiner, A Zionist Jew

Scottsdale, AZ

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Ginette Weiner, is a published commentator in Jewish and mainstream newspapers, and a lecturer on strategies for combating media bias, antisemitism, and BDS. She holds an MSW and a Certification in "Understanding Media Bias & Israel Advocacy: Defending Israel from Media Bias", 23rd Mission to Israel, Honest Reporting: June, 2015. She resides in Arizona.
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