Oh, the Places We’ll go!

To my brothers in Saudi Arabia living a finger’s length away from me on a map, the time has come for us to change the world as we know it forever. Today we are closer than ever to making history. For thousands of years, our sands and soils have repeatedly had blood spilled on them. We spent so much time fighting with one another that we failed to sometimes stop and think about why we are even fighting. After all, our destinies and histories are intertwined. Your people call our forefather Ibrahim while we call him Avraham. However, whatever we have done to wrong one another in the past is behind us. Today, it is time for us to open a new chapter in our region’s history, and this chapter looks far brighter for both of us.

Today, the forces of evil are knocking on our door. The Wolves of Iran are growling at our gates. They are starving for our annihilation. They may have deceived our European friends by dressing up like sheep, but you and I know better, for we live with these wolves at our doorsteps. We know what they think and what they really want. Eventually, the day will come that the wolves will become too powerful for either one of us to control alone, and when the wolves bear down upon us, they will spare nobody in either of our nations. Whoever they choose not to devour first can only be certain that they are next on the menu. It is only by standing together that we will repel these hungry wolves at our gates and deliver peace to our people once again.

To my Saudi brothers living just a couple hours flight from me, the entrance to a new, better, and more peaceful world is just above us. If we each stand alone, we cannot reach it, but if we stand together and help one another up, we can finally reach this new world at our fingertips. We have done well alone. We both are financially successful and are regional powerhouses in our respective ways. However, if we come together, we can accomplish things that the world has never thought possible.

To the King of Saudi Arabia, please, take my hand! Let us put this false sense of rivalry behind us and open a new chapter in this region’s history. It is time for us to once again stand side by side like our ancestors did. Together, we can accomplish our dreams and change this world for the better for generations to come.

About the Author
Benjamin Jaffe currently lives in Jerusalem and is a student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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