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On being anti

A reader in Australia sent me an e-mail in which she asked me why I was so anti-Netanyahu in the many articles I have written. I replied sarcastically that it is a national game in Israel. Australia may have its kangaroos but we in Israel have our jack-asses. And Netanyahu ranks as number one!

The prime- minister who is on a trial for bribery, corruption and breach of trust among other hidden naughty yet uncovered violations insists that he is innocent of all charges (more of his lies) and therefore he maintains the right to remain in power.

How pitiful is his thirst to maintain the crown of glory which no longer suits him !

Let us not forget his remarks in 2008 when the then prime-minister Ehud Olmert was under investigation for his criminal acts. This is what our current prime-minister said at that time:

“A prime-minister up to his neck in investigations has no moral or political mandate to make fateful decisions for the State of Israel”….. (his words…not mine).

What hypocrisy ! A prime-minister who has no morality accuses another. If he believed that Olmert had no right to make fateful decisions, he should remember his own words. He does not have the right to condemn one past political leader while proclaiming his own innocence.. The case of the goose and the gander. Two birds of the same faded color.

Responding to the Australian leader I pointed out the democratic virtues of being anti.

I am Anti bribery, Anti corruption, Anti breach of trust, Anti a mouth full of lies and deceit. Anti racism. Anti-terrorism.

And in my vocabulary all these anti’s are part and parcel of the impending declaration and verdict of guilt which without doubt will be the decision of the Justices in the High Court. Truth, honesty and democracy will win over the battle with fraud, shame and deceit.

July 1 has come and gone. And with it, the threat of annexation is postponed to a more opportune time.

It had better not be in November when the American elections may possibly not support Israel’s decisions. The Democratic party under the aegis of its leader, former Vice-President Joe Biden, has specifically denounced the Trump-Netanyahu plan and if it is formerly enacted it would not be recognized by the American government.

It will be repudiated by more than 80% of the American population, Jews and non-Jews, who regard annexation of land that belongs to another people is theft. They remind us of our biblical law in the Ten Commandments… Lo Tignov. Thou shalt not steal.

Proudly as an anti, I do not stand alone. Tens of thousands, perhaps millions, of my fellow Israeli citizens march in large protest gatherings holding up signs which condemn Netanyahu and which demand his resignation (something that Sara and Yair would never permit him to do) .

The anti’s are people of morality and ethical behavior. None of those virtues are found in our present government. They have even disappeared from our vocabulary.

And while Netanyahu’s coalition partner, Benny Gantz, may not support the proposed annexation, an old children’s song comes to mind. “Did you ever see a laddie go this way and that way…” and such wishy-washiness is the fate which presently binds us in a state of “going nowhere”.

An annexation should come last on the ladder of primary concerns. Our Israeli people must come first.

We must end the hunger, the loss of employment, the destitute faces of our suffering citizens.

While the Netanyahu family may sit at their festive table adorned with all kinds of delicacies, they must remember the multitudes of our hungry and starving citizens, to whom, sadly, they give little thought.

I have never visited in the land down-under. Of the 45 countries which I have visited, Australia holds no fascination for me. I can see the kangaroos in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

The animals caged in behind bars should change places with our self-centered political leaders.

Kangaroos have a pouch in which to keep a baby kangaroo. Our prime-minister has a pouch in which to keep the millions of shekels and dollars which he receives from foreign wealthy “donors”

To the reader in Australia I assure her that in the past 72 years I have never been anti government in Israel. But things eventually change.

Lives come and lives go. It is the natural destiny of all mankind.

With faith in Almighty God, the Rock and Redeemer of Israel, I pray for a change in our government from immoral to moral, from un-ethical to ethical, from Netanyahu’s gang to more humane and caring servants of the State.

V’im lo achshav…. Aimatai? And if not NOW…. When ???

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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