One Hundred Percent….. Plus

Once again, my esteemed chief editor has hit the nail squarely on the head… on the head of a corrupt Prime Minister.

Binyamin Netanyahu is desperate. He is fighting feverishly for his political life. He dreads going down into the flames. He cannot sleep well at night. He loses his appetite for Sara’s catered food.

But David Horovitz is one hundred correct in pointing out in his recent Op-Ed brilliant article the trials and tribulations of what, hopefully may be, a former Prime Minister.

He asks “Is Netanyahu a crook?”  YES. DEFINITELY. (my response).

“Is he destroying Israel’s democracy?”  ABSOLUTELY. No doubt about it. (my response).

In Netanyahu’s paranoia… for that is what it is… he does not hesitate to accuse the police, the prosecutors, the Attorney General, the non-Likudniks, the media, the entire legal system, and almost everyone else of libeling him and slandering his reputation. But he is now getting what he dislikes the most…. THE TRUTH !

The allegations made against him clearly describe and define what constituted his criminal actions.

His former personal aides, advisers, members of his own party, people who were involved personally with his every move, have now turned state’s evidence and have appeared and will continue to appear in his trial to publicly denounce him by providing the evidence that they have.

These witnesses have nothing to gain by their testimony. If anything, they are subjects to harassment and name-calling by the few friends that Netanyahu still has. But they have come forward because they understand the need to protect Israel’s democracy against an autocratic egotistical Prime Minister.

The regime of King Bibi will soon  be over. Tragically, he does not believe it. Every accused person has the right to self-defense in an effort to convince others of his/her innocence. Bibi is trying and will continue to try, but the predictions are that he will fail. It’s time to write him off and to re-establish our democratic system of government and to put our trust in it.

David Horovitz’s article very clearly explains the causes and effects of this, our most severe political disgrace. It is an article that should be re-printed in the newspapers of the world and read by thinking people.

Today, two-thirds of the population of our country believe that Netanyahu is guilty and should resign.

YES !  I too believe that he is guilty but understanding his personality and character, resignation is out of the question.  Therefore, he must be brought down by the courts and by the voting public.

Will he smile on April 10, one day after all the votes have been counted?  Or will Sara stand beside him to wipe away his tears?

It is nothing to be proud of.  His downfall is not a reason to rejoice.  It is, as I have written several times before,  the sad story of a giant of a man who somewhere and somehow lost his way.

Every word written by David Horovitz is not written in hate of Netanyahu. It is written by a brilliant journalist whose task it must be to expose crime and corruption where it is. And at this sad moment, it is in a beautiful home and office on Balfour street in Jerusalem.

In past years, my late wife and I were guests of Israel’s great leaders: President Zalman Shazar, Prime Minister Menachem Begin and then Minister of Defense and later Prime Minister, and even later President of Israel , Shimon Peres. These were Israel’s greatest statesmen. Founders and builders of the Jewish State of Israel.  Wise men who cherished truth and who were masters of democratic government.

Not to sell Netanyahu short.  As Prime Minister he achieved great things that no leader before him could do.  He made Israel a global power, the envy of many larger countries in the world.  For that and for his diplomacy we owe him lasting gratitude.

But the virus of greed was self-injected into his blood-stream and from that virus he can never recover.

The ides of March will have to wait until April 9 before Bibi learns his fate. Afflictions will then follow.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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