One World: A WIZO Summer Camp in Israel

Now is the season to be thinking about your summer camp plans. Spending the summer in Israel or Jerusalem specifically can be a great and worthwhile experience for kids of all ages.

As the founder of Fun In Jerusalem, I am often asked for advice on which camps to choose. There are so many options each summer but I would like to tell you about one of the new camps being offered this summer and to give you the “backstory” of the camp.

The Women’s International Zionist Organization was looking for a new and exciting way to enable kids and teens from abroad  to experience Israel and strengthen their bond with the Jewish State.

This summer WIZO joined forces with BIG IDEA Educational Projects to launch a new initiative called One World. With the success of summer camps in the US, they have decided to build on the same model and create a high quality summer camp experience in Israel, where the topics are engaging and the activities can give campers a way to bond with the land and the culture. The camp will also provide campers with the chance to make friends from all over the world.

That is where the idea for the new One World Camp began.

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One World attracts future leaders and teaches them to have fun through experience. The camp which is run in 2 week sessions is meant to attract Jewish kids ages 11-17 who have a passion for social activism, green energy and nature.

The camp is located in an agricultural youth village up North and the facilities are incredible. The campus includes an astronomy center, music center, sports center and animal center.

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Campers can choose from 5 different tracks depending on their interests.

  • Survival Skills– using nature to create tools for survival, navigation and an ultimate cook off.
  • Animal Care – horseback riding, working in the dairy farm, chicken coups and green houses.
  • Natural Art & Photography – using Israel’s natural landscapes as the canvas.
  • Communication – direct, produce and broadcast a real radio station
  • Re-powering the planet– special track for engineering students includes using solar ovens, water purification, ecological park.

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The unique camp themes give campers a chance to delve into their chosen subject but all campers are exposed to all the topics at some point during the camp session.

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WIZO and BIG IDEA hope to attract campers interested in becoming leaders in green energy and natural studies and to show them that Israel as a start up nation has tremendous resources for them.

One thing is for sure…One World is a unique camp experience in Israel.

Contact One World for information about their upcoming open house in Jerusalem on June 10th, 6:30pm
WIZO Jerusalem – Mapu St 1, Jerusalem

Contact One World:
Contact One World:  072-2513503

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