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Onus Always on Israel: No Call on Hamas to End War

Massive pro Palestinian, anti Israel demonstrations have become weekly events in US and UK cities.

The main message from these, as well as pressure from a growing chorus of world leaders, is for Israel to call a ceasefire and begin negotiations with Hamas. Please stop laughing.

Yet, once again in a conflict with the Arabs, the responsibility for peace rests with Israel. Israel didn’t start this war or all past wars in the region, but it’s up to Israel to stop the this one, too. Not necessarily win it, just stop it.

When has anyone seen weekly demonstrations aimed at condemning Hamas, a terrorist government on the run? When have international political leaders and the UN called for Hamas to free the hostages and end the suffering of its constituents by surrendering? No, as usual, it’s up to Israel to end Hamas’ war.

An observer might say this is because Israel is seen as a responsible and civilized party, unlike Hamas, a brutal uncivilized party.

Yet, the reality has always been a numbers game. Israel is a small nation representing an ancient people who number about 15 million up against 456 million Arabs and 1.5 billion Muslims. Possibly this fact, more than anything, is why Israel does what it has to do for its security despite what its international allies may want.

Now, Israel is planning to expand military operations in the Gazan city of Rafah if hostages held by Hamas are not returned by the start of Ramadan.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that new efforts are underway to reach a cease-fire deal with Hamas that could pause the war. “Initial signs indicate a possibility of moving forward,” Gantz said.

However, Gantz repeated his pledge that unless Hamas agrees to release the remaining Israeli hostages in Gaza, Israel will launch a ground offensive into the crowded southern city of Rafah during the upcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

This ultimatum has put pressure on US President Joe Biden, a supporter of Israel, to demand a cease fire before the Rafah assault. And what is the source of this pressure? The large Muslim population in the US state of Michigan is threatening to hit-out at Biden’s re-election bid later this year.

This brings up an important present and future reality that Israel has to face, the growing Muslim immigration to western nations. The same people who have fought so hard to keep Jews from establishing a safe homeland in the Middle East, feel they have a right to immigrate to any western nation.

Supporters of Israel such as Germany, UK, US, Canada and France all have booming Muslim populations in the millions. Populations that can pressure their governments to put pressure on Israel.

No longer can PM Netanyahu arrogantly do what he wants to Palestinian Arabs without possible negative reaction from Israel’s traditional friends.

Just this week the UK Parliament was thrown into chaotic disarray when a Labour Party vote, heavily influenced by Muslim constituents, to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, caused a mass walkout of the ruling Tory Party. The chaos was compounded by a large pro-Palestinian demonstration happening the same time outside of the Houses of Parliament.

On top of this are the skyrocketing cases of blatant anti-Semitism throughout nations that have large Jewish and Muslim populations with Jews afraid wear items identifying them as Jews. Arguably the only positive aspect of this is an expected increase in Jewish migration from these nations to Israel.

One advantage of Israel’s extreme right-wing government is that it will be less likely cave-in to Hamas demands, such as the terrorist group returning to Gaza as it governing body. They blew that big time.

And there’s a good chance this time Israel will be allowed to decisively win this war.

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