Operation Continuing Chicken Hawk

The great Tucker Carlson keeps digging himself in deeper.  Just like a bad flu that can be gotten in the hen house or like the present COVID-19 that surges in waves, Fox’s American hero is all over my old classmate Tammy Duckworth again.

I really don’t feel like replaying a clip of his recent cheer leading for Donald Trump again on Fox News.  Again, the dumbest guy in the room thinks he’s smart and called Senator Tammy Duckworth a moron and a coward in addition to his recent in insults.  Let’s review Tammy’s accomplishments first:  veteran US Army officer, two time US Representative and current Senator from Illinois who holds two doctoral degrees, one of which was an honorary one from Northern Illinois University.  By the way, Tammy came up from poverty in Hawaii and as an Army and UN brat toured the world with her father Franklin.  In the other corner we find a spoiled rich kid who looks like a brat with a bachelors degree in history from Trinity College who never went near the military.  Can we detect who the chicken hawk is?

Tucker, like many people of your immaturity, educated people do not attempt to debate you (rather, we try to find diapers to fit you).  That is because you are a child.  Tammy has two and I have three.  I don’t debate them when it comes to matters of right and wrong.  She won’t debate you because you are a child!  Adults can have adult conversations, especially about the serious problems of race now enveloping America.  The country is struggling to have that conversation so healing and redemption can happen, a conversation too long delayed.  This is a conversation that you and your fellow man child Donald Trump can’t fathom, let alone have.

Both you and the Donald evaded the military.  However, beyond Tammy, let’s look at another American hero that you and Trump administration and Fox hounded incessantly:  LTC Alexander Vindman.  He did the right thing during the recent impeachment crisis.  Against the president’s illegal orders, he put the country’s interest over those of his own and testified truthfully in front of Congress.  This effectively ended his military career and prompted his recent resignation and retirement after 21 years of distinguished service in the US Army.

When I was a kid and the Vietnam War ended, veterans came home and were spat upon.  Whatever one thought of the war, this was horrible.  Many of these people were 18 year old kids and draftees at that who put on the uniform and went into harm’s way to serve their country.  My brother in law was one of those American heroes who were spat upon.  Those doing the spiting at that time were leftists.  Now, it is right wing paleoconservative chicken hawks that do the spitting from perches at Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting on the over 3 million veterans of the continuing war on terror and their families.  Truly Tucker, you have no shame.

About the Author
Akiva ben Avraham is a former community college adjunct, US Army intelligence analyst and officer, and a caregiver.
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