Our Brothers Keepers

With all the metal detector mayhem, following the deaths of two Druze Magav officers and the threats of a third Intafada one has surely got to ask when did the last one end? From any reasonable perspective the second Intafada never ended! All that happened is Yasser Arafat plunged a knife into Yitzhak Rabins back while he was in his grave. This act of necrosculduggery shows you that the Arabs are not interested in peace, not now and never will be. What they don’t realise is, that we as a nation shall seek any means to protect ourselves from accomplishing their ghoulish desires, such as the ones which were carried out while a family were sitting down for a Shabbat dinner in Halamish as a terrorist snuck into their home and went on a stabbing spree. He was stopped by an off-duty IDF soldier next door whom responded accordingly to the horrific situation that occurred and by that virtue became his brothers keeper.

This whole charade was never about metal detectors in the first place to begin with. Just rewind back in time to Ariel Sharons visit to the Temple Mount. In the memoirs of the son of a Hamas chief Mousab Hassan Youseff, both the PLO and Hamas knew this visit was scheduled to take place and did not raise concerns prior to the time it was set to happen. What they did do was allow the Muslim worshippers to be worked up into a contagious frenzy, which would engulf the entire territories and Gaza and then strike while the Iron was hot to further their own sick aim of a Judenrein Palestine from the Jordan to the sea. What they never anticipated was our response to this. Arafat nearly got himself killed in an airstrike for his treacherous and devious nature. Smiles and all dovish to news cameras on one hand while working up the crowd into an apocalyptic frenzy of gargantuan proportions openly calling for the next intifada stating ”We don’t want peace, we want Haifa, Jaffa, Acre!”.This climaxed in a few years of suicide bombings occurring on a daily basis, Shootings, abductions, stabbings and even babies in prams being shot by Arab snipers in Hebron.

The end result was a grey concrete wall dissecting our territories to prevent any extremist from crossing over a set of hills and strolling into a shopping mall or a bus full of women, children and senior citizens and detonating himself for the farce that will never materialize. Checkpoints are common place too preventing any chance takers from attacking Israelis and Jews inside and outside the non existent 1967 boundaries. In Gaza we were pressurized into dismantling Gush Katif and handing power over territory to openly hostile Arabs whom only elected Hamas a year before and were set on firing rockets at us from the very Greenhouses we left behind. What followed this was the Karin B, a cargo container ship laden with missiles, bombs, rockets, rifles, grenades and an assortment of weaponry forcing us to blockade the Gaza strip entirely.

The world begins to blame us for collective punishment as Hamas start chucking off Fatah representatives off skyscrapers who came scrambling to Israel for protection when it was only yesterday they plunged a knife in our back. Hamas was now firmly in charge of the entire Gaza strip.

Life goes on in Eretz Israel, willing suicide bombers are cordoned off by a concrete wall and checkpoints yet your odd clashes break out with troops. Terror incidents involving Jewish residents from Yehuda and Shomron and local Arabs where even adolescents and toddlers were gunned down in cold blood by terrorists.The name Danielle Shefi of Tekoa comes to mind.This little girl cowered under her bed as the “terrorist” (not freedom fighter) took her life. Our response are helicopter airstrikes killing many of their figurehead including Sheikh Yassin and the world is in uproar about a wheelchair bound terrorist who gave the orders to kill if not incite for more murders. Yet this is not the Height of the Irony the very same Gaza we gave them is used to abduct Gilad Shalit in a cross border raid resulting in a ground operation this too is condemned, but wait for what comes next Hezbollah too in Lebanon decide it’s a good idea to make a similar attempt with Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev whom die in captivity. Our response a war with Lebanon which even had Nasser saying if he knew what our response would have been he wouldn’t have dared to try.Yet in the duration of that war Hezbollah like Hamas used built up areas to fire their missiles at our population centres and called out the TV cameras when we are forced to respond accordingly.

Being foolish again Hamas make further attempts to rain Qassams and rockets on Sderot in the fall of 2008/2009 resulting in operation Cast lead which caused their civilians to suffer far more than any of us put together. As they once again deployed their usual tactic of using Schools,hospitals and built up residential areas as launch pads against Israeli communities. Global outrage ensues. Turkey of all people calls us killers and a couple of years down the line they deem it wise to send a ship laden with violent activists to break the Gaza blockade. Some of their activists tried to behave like Janissaries with commandos from our Shayetet unit, whom boarded the ship abseiling off a helicopter in order to reroute it. This resulted in a diplomatic rift after aggressive Turks ended up getting themselves killed while trying to lynch IDF commandos. With tempers flaring on both sides Turkey severs diplomatic ties with us until they were restored a few years later.

In 2014 emboldened by tunnels and weapons in the strip, three Hebron teenagers are abducted and murdered on Haniyehs orders. This resulted in the entire Yehuda/Shomron region being turned upside down as all our conscripted manpower search every inch of territory under PA administration even going into every last village hut to find the boys who were murdered. An Arab gets killed and set alight by unknown individuals enraged at this incident Hamas use this as a pretext to fire rockets once more at Israel. Their mistake! We call up reserves stage a ground operation in Gaza resulting in global outrage that was conveniently silent when Hamas used the very civilian homes/mosques/schools to store weapons and hide tunnel entrances thus resulting in a high civilian casualty rate.

So here we are again, in 1967 they threatened to annihilate us in just six days we grew size while humiliating the Arab world on the battlefield. Hezbollah has amassed on our Northern border entrenching themselves into every last Lebanese village turning them into launch pads, right under the nose of United Nations. Isn’t it suspicious that this Metal detector mayhem occurs while all this happens? Now Jordan seized our Embassy staff over a security guard defending himself which has worsened tensions over the Temple Mount debacle. Now relations are at an all time low and the peace treaty hangs in the balance just because the Jordanians like the rest of the Arab world are throwing a hissy fit over metal detectors.

Even Arab MK’s in the knesset are warning us that we are playing with fire by refusing to move the metal detectors. A Likud minister Tzachi Hanegbi responded appropriately to the threats,statements and all the above behaviour by saying”The Palestinians will bring a third Naqba(catastrophe) on themselves, which we emphatically do not wish this for them.” Nobody could have been more spot on than Tzachi Hanegbi, except I would like to emphasise on a broader scale to any antagonists be they Turkish/so called Palestinians/ Jordanians/ Iraqis/ Lebanese/ Saudis and their nemesis Iran. I am not even going to discuss Iran here as they know exactly where they stand with us with regards to terror and arming/financing Hezbollah and Hamas.

They are the ones playing with fire, and here is why. What they are proposing would lead to the great grandmother of all Naqbas, which we ourselves don’t want! Remember how our borders swelled in 1967? So now do you want to lose whatever left there is, that you consider your to be part of your territory? An unbearable loss of life on your side. The firepower we used in Gaza and Lebanon is not even a bare fraction of what we really possess,yet you called it disproportionate force?We have moved onto robotics(unmanned ground and air) as well laser warfare. This something no Fajr or Akbar missile will ever be able to stop. The damage we did we did to Lebanons infrastructure in the summer months of 2006 can be accomplished in just under 48 hours. We emphatically do not wish to do this to you, we seek peace yet you reject it, we do not wish for a war, yet we have nothing to lose defending ourselves as we are our brothers keepers and that includes all Israeli life, Jewish or Arab alike.

About the Author
Alon Fisher was born in Israel and grew up mostly in South Africa. He has always taken a keen interest in the SA-Israel relationship and the demonisation of Israel evident in so many South African and global institutions. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and therefore thinks "out-of-the-box."
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