Our Family Mourns With Karlin-Stolin Chassidim


Our family has much to be thankful for since making Aliyah. One of those special people who gets credit is the Karlin-Stolin Rebbe. It was roughly 26 years ago that my wife and I stood before the Karlin-Stolin Rebbe in Jerusalem asking for his opinion regarding making Aliyah.

We had come on a fact-finding tour with other South African families interested in making Aliyah. While in South Africa there was one special Chassid who would come to our home from Israel collecting funds to support his community. He would sit at our table and show a genuine interest in our family. I always would give him what I could afford, and he impressed me to the point that I mentioned we were thinking of coming to Israel on a fact-finding tour and wanted to know his Rebbe’s name and how to contact the Rebbe’s secretary to schedule an appointment. He gladly gave me the information and that is how we were able to see the Karlin-Stolin Rebbe.

There was one other time we needed to ask his Rebbe a question and this time we travelled to Givat Zeev which is not too far from Neve Yaakov where we lived at that time. It was very soon after the Karlin-Stolin community had established a new home there.

So, it was with great shock and sadness to discover after Shavuot came out here in Israel Monday night the tragedy that took place in Givat Zeev. Of course, we did not personally know the victims who died in the accident, but we felt their families’ pain.

And that includes families of those that were injured. We wish them a very speedy Refuah Shleima.

 It Was Miracle That So Few Lost Their Lives

It is a tragedy that there was a loss of life, but I definitely feel it was a great miracle so many lives were spared. Looking at the video showing the bleachers collapse would have suggested so many more men could have been killed. But when comparing this to the Meron disaster, Baruch Hashem the vast majority of those that fell had their lives spared.

Because no one from the Karlin-Stolin community lost their lives in the Meron disaster, this seems to be another miracle. Therefore, in my opinion, Hashem must have given this community special protection in the merit of the Karlin – Stolin Rebbe.

In a story from Arutz Sheva, the following appeared-

Speaking to his hasidim following the tragedy, the Rebbe of Karlin-Stolin wept as he noted that although none of his hasidim had been killed in the Meron disaster just weeks ago, the harsh decrees on the Jewish People had not spared them this time. “Each one of us must make a personal reckoning and assess his deeds and do teshuvah [repent of misdeeds],” he said. “We are in the midst of a very difficult situation, with missiles falling, Jews living in fear, and we have to strengthen ourselves and live as upright Jews.”

This is a lesson we must all learn from.

To the families who lost loved ones in this tragedy –

May Hashem Comfort You Among The Mourners Of Tzion And Yerushalayim.

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