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Palestinians, do you need enemies with friends like that?

The mandatorily apolitical Eurovision song festival in Tel Aviv had a tiny incident. When the Iceland delegation was briefly shown during the voting process, it held up banners with the “Palestinian” tricolor.

Ahead of the competition, this delegation had threatened anti-Zionist protests, but participated without revolt and this was their dissident action.

Unfortunately, the song they performed was “Hatred will prevail.” Really.

* * *

Another development is the news that former US president nonagenarian Jimmy Carter considers to start influencing the election of the Democratic candidate for 2020. And that is really good news. Although anti-Zionist players and media portray him as an utterly decent man, that image for Zionists has been shattered long ago. Together with former Dutch PM Dries van Agt, just a few years his junior, they have become part of the most charming but vicious anti-Israeli spokesmen holding speaking tours all over their countries and for the media and writing books against Israel.

What a blessing that he had and wants again to support anti-Zionist Sanders and others. That will show what they are made of. Klobuchar and Booker seem to be charmed by him. Buttigieg, the calm thinker in the Democratic field, calls him just “An extraordinary person.”

* * *

Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, in overwhelming majority, has passed a (non-binding) resolution condemning BDS as anti-Semitic: “The argumentation patterns and methods used by the BDS movement are anti-Semitic.” This enraged anti-Zionists/anti-Semites here and everywhere.

* * *

While the Gentile Palestinian leadership still tries to sell their anti-Israel anti-Zionist anti-Semitic stand as nationalist and humanist, their allies were clear that their sole motivation stems from hatred.

How sad. After 120 years, you’d wish the Gentile Palestinian people some political leaders and allies that are for them and not just against the Jews.

(How did prominent commentators from Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post write as if Holocaust denial is unheard of in the Arab world? Beats me.)

Most Israeli Jews and soldiers always consider that those people are human too and feel for them or they’d not be human; without tolerating terrorism from there, though, or they’d help anti-Semitism, commit national suicide.

This shows that the IDF is trying not to hurt Gaza civilians and to transport patients to and fro Tel Aviv hospitals for treatment free of charge, while the Junta in Gaza doesn’t care about their own; and to accept Syrian wounded for medical treatment, even if they hate Jews, etc.

I tell you: as soon as Arab populations in the Middle East start embracing the Jews, all problems will be over.

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