Nisan Jaffee
Former Ornithologist

Parsha Poem for V’eschanan



Moshe says twice that it’s really our fault,
He’s forbidden to enter the land,
It’s strange that he lays all the blame upon us,
For this Onesh is from his own hand.

One moment of anger was all that it took,
His patience had served him so well,
But it seems that the blame also falls upon us,
Who drove him so hard that he fell.

About the Author
Born in New York City in 1952, Nisan moved in 1967 to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He graduated from Colgate University, and received an MA in Biology from William and Mary. Nisan resided in Charlottesville, VA, Newtonville, MA, and Baltimore, MD before making aliyah in 2013. He has been married for 40 years, with three adult children and ten grandchildren. He lives in Efrat.
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