Passover, Sukkoth, the 2 Benjamins, Edelstein…

The plan was that by now we would be packing our suitcases for our Passover trip to Israel. It was to be a big family event with our kids and grandkids and also with a Hachnasat Sefer Torah in Tel Aviv in honor of my Parents Z.L.

Instead, like almost everybody else, we are stuck at home here in South Florida, eating and snacking too much, and watching news all day. While the coronavirus absorbs so much of our interest and anxiety, today I was drawn to I24 and watched the drama around the Speaker of the Knesset. As a principle, I try to stay away from Israeli politics because I consider that to be the right and duty of Israeli citizens. While I have my opinions and sympathies, for me whomever Israelis choose to be their Prime Minister is the one that I support.

However I suffer from observing three useless elections and the failure to decide on a stable government. From a distance, and looking at the programs of Likud and Blue & White, a coalition between the two should not be difficult. There is close to a consensus on economic and security issues. Last year I hosted a breakfast at my home for Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon and clearly there are no major differences between Likud and Blue & White.

What divides them is that personal issues trump the national interests and that is sad and bad. Part of this are the legal issues, the personal ones of Netanyahu and the more political ones of Edelstein. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on the severity of the alleged misdeeds of Netanyahu, but the judiciary is independent and must be respected. The same applies to the intervention of the Supreme Court with the Speaker of the Knesset. Disagreements with judicial decisions happen all the time, also here in the US, but at the end of the day they must be respected.

I also understand the concern of many about a Knesset majority of one that relies on the support of the Joint List. It is neither a stable or healthy majority.
My suggestion is for Gantz to make a deal with Netanyahu. Give the latter permanent immunity and let him be either Foreign Minister or Minister of Finance, both positions he performed very well in the past, and agree to a rotation after 2 years. With Likud and Blue & White, Israel would have a stable government and one that would address the concerns and interests of most Israelis.

In the meantime, we have rebooked our Israel trip for Sukkoth, just over 180 days from now. I can’t wait.

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