People who don’t want to vote and why

1-In 2008, people were extremely enthusiastic to vote for Barack Obama. But over the years, they started to understand the electoral system as exactly how they’ve characterized it For a while, they thought it was an immoral act to vote. It means that we’re giving our approval to a system that we totally do not want to validate. Over the years, we’ve started to think maybe we don’t have to frame this so much as an individual act with these moral consequences and that we need to stop being so dramatic about it.

2-in 2016, people were so proud to be in this country at this moment, so proud to be voting for Hillary Clinton. they had their Clinton sweatshirt on all day. they were on Twitter telling people that if they didn’t vote they were dead to them — like the whole thing. Watching the results come in, it was just disheartening. their faith in the whole system were crushed pretty quickly.

Those actual full-progressive candidates make them optimistic. But there’s still a lot of powerful people, especially in the Democratic Party, that are centrists, and that’s just a little frustrating when it comes time to stand up to this president and the policies he’s trying to pass. Like the Kavanaugh thing .

3-people feel like the Democratic Party doesn’t really stand for the things they believe in anymore. Why should they vote for a party that doesn’t really do anything for them as a voter? people don’t vote because a lot of politicians are appealing to older voters. We deserve politicians that are willing to do stuff for our future instead of catering to people who will not be here for our future. the people who are a poli-sci major, talking about politics is a daily thing ,Half of the people seem very into voting. The other half are people who don’t really feel represented. The only thing they choose to vote in is local elections.

4-old people are of the generation where they actually watch the news, and they know about candidates via the news. Where young generation, is getting all their news from social media like Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, and that is not always the best. Reading things through social media is snippets, and it’s not the whole details on everything, you know?

It’s a wild theory, but setting voting up so that it’s all on social media, putting all that information in just an Instagram Story, in a Snap-chat filter or whatever — bulleted-out, easy-to-read, digestible content — would encourage people to vote. Just maybe it’s a social-media page or an Instagram page where it gives daily facts about how to do things or DIYs on how to vote for yourself, something like that. Just to make it easily digestible to a younger audience that’s on social media, ’cause that’s how they digest their information.

5-people rent and move around quite a bit, and when they try to get absentee ballots, they need to print out a form and mail it to them no more than 30 days before the election but also no less than seven days before the election. Typically, they check way before that time, then forget to check again, or just say “leave it” because they don’t own a printer or stamps anyway. It’s incredibly difficult for hourly workers or young people who are in rotational programs or travel frequently for their careers to vote. I wish every state’s rules were the same so there was not so much confusion and it was easy to find straightforward information on how exactly to get absentee ballots.

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Elnaz Sotoodeh is from Tehran. She is an English translator for several news websites.
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