Pesach, 2021: When it’s over, will you remember?

Plagues 2021

The Plague of Alone:  (Because 17 months of not hugging your grandchild, because you talk to yourself too much, because why wear the good jewellery?).The Plague of No Money:  (Because will your job last, because will you get a job, because will they make you go in to do your job?).The Plague of Fear:  (Because she works in a grocery store, because he coughed in the waiting room, because someone else can help the neighbour).The Plague of Abuse:  (Because drinking & eating too much why not, because just smoke it, because it’s easier to hide what’s really going on).The Plague of Disconnection:  (Because it’s too much work, because you hate ZOOM, because it’s been too long anyway).The Plague of Apathy:  (Because sidewalk litter is the least of your problems, because everyone’s got mental health issues, because why bother shaving?).The Plague of Intolerance: (Because that’s so selfish, because they’re so lucky, because her fear really bugs you).The Plague of Me First:  (Because I can, because I don’t care about them, because my business is more important than your business).

The Plague of Darkened Spaces:  (Because crowds (not art) make us sick, because you don’t really need it, because I can get it free online).The Plague of Dying:  (Because he’s old anyway, because we’ll remember her (but later), because it’s too scary to hold your hand).

About the Author
Peggy Walt has worked for 40 years in the arts and culture sector in Nova Scotia, Canada. She's writing a book on the search for what happened to her husband's family during the Holocaust and her conversion to Judaism in the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Nonfiction at King's University in Halifax.
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