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Places To Visit In Israel In 10 Days


Israel is a vastly beautiful country with a lot of attractive tourist spots. If you are planning a vacation to Israel, you’ll need at least ten days to do justice to it, to get an essence of the engrossing ambience of the place. And don’t worry – 10 days may seem like a long time, but there is no way you will run of things to do once you’re here.

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How to divide your 10 days in Israel

Of course, when you’re in the country, you will want to visit the different localities instead of staying stagnant in the capital. To make things easier for you, here is a list of the places you must visit in Israelv and how much time you should spend in each of these places so that you catch a drift of what the city life feels like over there.

  1. Days 1 and 2 in Tel Aviv

Start your journey at Tel Aviv. Not only does the city have an airport that you can fly to directly, but it is also the party hub of Israel, and has a convenient number of pubs and nightclubs to suit the needs of residents and visitors. If you are a party animal, you cannot go without giving the nightlife at Tel Aviv a try.

During the daytime, you can visit the cafes in Rothschild Boulevard, the unique neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek, Jaffa’s age-old port, the market at Carmel, and the buildings of the Bahuas in the White City.

  1. Day 3 in Haifa and Akko (Acre)

Half a day for both Haifa and Akko would be just enough. Akko has been around for about 4000 years and has seen the reign of various civilisations from the Greeks to the Arabs. Here, you can witness the Akko’s old town, including the souk or the regular market, the Al Jazzar Mosque, the Khan’s citadel- the main attractions.

From Akko, you can take a ferry to the Old Haifa port to take a look at the wonders of the coastline. In the city itself, the Bahai Gardens, the German colony and then Shrine of the Ban are must-visits.

  1. Day 4 in Gailee, Tiberius and Nazareth

Tiberius is only a 70 min bus ride away from Haifa, so getting there would be no problem at all. The Golan Heights, the ancient Gadara in Jordan and the like are placed from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Gailee sea.

Buses from Tiberius leave for Nazareth, which is the childhood home of Jesus Christ. The religious and spiritual energy of this place is sure to revitalise you and leave you feeling both calm and charged for your next destination.

  1. Day 5 in Jerusalem

A trip to Israel is incomplete without a visit to the holy city of Jerusalemv. There are plenty of synagogues and churches in the area, and you should definitely take a trip to the Old City of Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre with the Tomb of Christ, the Room of the Last Supper. Leave a prayer on the cracks of the Wailing Wall, and maybe buy some fresh fruit produce from the local markets for a more wholesome experience.

  1. Day 6 on the West side of Bethlehem

People usually go from Jerusalem to Bethlehem on a bus. You could either opt for a tourist bus, that will take you around all the attractions of the city, or you can go on a little adventure of your own and take the public bus as all the locals do.

Bethlehem is rich in history, and if you’re interested in sites of religious and archaeological importance, then this is a place you should visit. The Church of Nativity, the Mosque of Omar, the Milk Grotto and everything in between stand as spectacular examples of the historical veracity of this place.

  1. Day 7 in Jericho

Jericho is the oldest town on earth- about 30,000 years old, so one can only imagine the amount of history than can be discovered in its boundaries. Tel-el Sultan, Mountain of Temptation, Elisha’s Spring are the few attractions you can look forward to here.

  1. Day 8 in the Dead Sea, the Judean Desert, Masada and Ein Gedi

The beaches along the Dead Sea and the natural spring of Ein Gedi in the Judean desert are some of the star attractions of Israel.

The Masada fortress is best known for the tragedy and the heroism of the people who resided there, and their defence against a life of slavery. It is worth a visit, both for the stories that are linked to it as well as the physical beauty of the place.

  1. Day 9 to 10 in Eilat

After a good 10 days of travel, you can finally spend your last days in Israel relaxing in the resort town of Eilat. The place is known for its luxury resorts and beautiful sunsets- the perfect end to an exciting vacation.

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