Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Please, bring Moshiach

On the 28th day of Nisan, about 33 years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe turned to his followers with a heartfelt request: “I have done what I could to bring Moshiach, now do what you can.”

He advised his Hasidim to use tremendous energy, but to channel it in constructive ways.

The Hasidim were heartbroken. But they carried on, and Lubavitch has grown tremendously.

Now, 33 years later, the Rebbe’s plea is as powerful and energizing and motivating as it was then. Because when the Rebbe said “Do what you can,” this implied that we have the ability to accomplish it.

“One more mitzvah,” the Rebbe told a reporter who asked about bringing Moshiach. One more good deed can tip the scale.

Moshiach. A time when mistakes and iniquities melt away, disappear. Because the immense goodness and self-sacrifice for two thousand years, floods the world with holiness. And when there is an abundance of goodness and holiness and light, negativities dissipate. They disappear in the glow and the permeating presence of G-dliness.

When we do a good deed, something that G-d wants us to do, we bring His holiness into the world in a way that everyone can sense it and see it. And when that happens, darkness recedes, and evil disappears.

And the world is then at peace, people with each other, and people with G-d.

Thirty-three years ago, the Rebbe entrusted us with a mission to bring Redemption. It feels now like we are very close, as the whole world watches Israel, G-d’s chosen people, chosen to be a light to the nations. Israel is on the verge of possibly destroying evil, perhaps bringing peace to humanity forever. The world is watching. Moshiach seems very very close.

May we see it very soon.

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