Please Join Me Saying Tehillim For Rav Gradnavich: Who Is Now In Critical Condition


On December 30, 2020, I wrote a Blog asking readers to say Tehillim for our son Dovid Pinchas’ Rav Yitzhak Eliezer Gradnavich, who was very ill at that time. The link to this Blog follows-

Rav Gradnavich made a very nice recovery shortly after but his illness was never completely cured.

I just put the phone down from Dovid Pinchas now who was informed that Rav Gradnavich’s condition has become critical and the Rav’s family has been called to his bedside.

I spoke to Dovid Pinchas on Motzei Shabbat, and he remembers that picture with Mrs. Selma Bacher, I referred to in a previous Blog. He also confirmed that it was taken during his farewell party shortly before we made Aliyah. He even remembers that underneath the word FAREWELL on the blackboard his initials DR appear which are partly visible.

He recalls most of his classmates who appear in that picture as well as how much he respected Mrs. Bacher and the other teacher in the picture.  What is more amazing to me is that of all the pictures Torah Academy and the Bacher family have of Selma, it is that picture they chose to pay a special tribute to her.

Now Dovid’s Rav Needs All Of Our Prayers

I must admit that the first time I met Rav Gradnavich, I knew Dovid Pinchas would be in good hands, just like he was at Torah Academy.` He continues to treat Dovid Pinchas like one of his own sons which is a good feeling to have knowing Dovid Pinchas is getting the best education not only in his Torah learning but also how to be a mench and a good Jew with Rav Gradnavich setting the example.

At that time, I set up a link to a site which distributes Tehillim among participants and keeps track of how many books have been completed.

The Link To This Tehillim Group Appears Below

May Rav Gradnavich have a complete and speedy recovery.

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