Police raided anti-Semite Hungarian mayor’s office

Police raided the council offices of Hungary’s Érpatak where the mayor had presided the scandalous hanging of effigies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and of former President Shimon Peres.

Hungarian police are investigating suspected incitement against a community at the mayor’s office in Érpatak, told Géza Fazekas, spokesman of the Attorney General on Tuesday. “The police had came on Tuesday afternoon and the officers confiscated the gallows, posters, effigies and the cameras used on the performance” – mayor Orosz Mihály Zoltán told, who has held an event hanging effigies of the prime minister and former president of Israel to protest the “Jewish-Freemason Genocide” in the Gaza Strip.

The scandalous event called “Glory to the anonymous Palestinian heroes” has been organized by the far-right Jobbik-affiliated mayor and some “civic” organizations on Saturday. These “civic” institutions were the “The National Network of Érpatak Modell” and the infamous ” Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement“, a Jobbik’s affiliated paramilitary youth group.

Mihaly Zoltan Orosz, who has been far-right mayor of Erpatak since 2005, told The Associated Press Monday that the “Jewish terror state” is trying to obliterate the Palestinians and said he opposed “the efforts of Freemason Jews to rule the world.”

I am a war criminal, bastard genocider, that’s why I get my rightful punishment to death by hanging! I am going to my master , to the satan, because of the fire of the hell is waiting for me!” – reads the mayor’s placard hung around the Israeli leader’s neck.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry condemned the horrow-show: “we were shocked by the performance of Érpatak’s mayor. Arbitrary or symbolic judgment over other state’s leaders are incompatible with European standards and the rule of law as well. The mayor uses the Gaza war and its innocent victims as an excuse to spread his hate propaganda” – says the Hungarian Foreign Ministry in its brief statement.

Ilan Mor, the Ambassador of Israel to Hungary, also released a statement on Tuesday saying, “Words can kill. The government of Hungary must act now in order to stop these very dangerous acts. I am sure that an investigation into this issue will start as soon as possible, according to the Hungarian law.

Hungarian democratic opposition parties (exl. the far-right radical Jobbik) also condemned the outrageous event.

Watch the disturbing video here.

Fact: neither Orosz Mihály Zoltán nor any other Hungarian far-right politician – who consider themselves Christians – have ever protested against the ongoing slaugther of Christians in Iraq or Syria. At the same time they support Hamas, Iran and the Palestinians on daily basis.

Hungarian mayor stepping on Israeli flag to protest "Freemason genocide"
Hungarian mayor stepping on Israeli flag to protest “Freemason genocide”
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