Esor Ben-Sorek
Esor Ben-Sorek

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

As is my habit, I prefer to speak “dugri.” It’s not a foreign language. It is originally a Turkish word meaning straight, to the point, which during the Ottoman rule entered the Arabic language and is now an everyday Hebrew word.

There are more than eight million people in Israel but sadly as it may be, very few speak “dugri”. It is telling something as it is, not beating around the bush, straight talk, nothing phony, no fake news.

I hold our courts, our judges and our justices in the very highest esteem with the one exception of our current minister of justice, Ohana. As the prime minister’s close friend and biggest defender, he does not accept the criminal charges brought about in the recent indictment.

Ergo, he places personal friendship above the facts in law. He could, at least, have recused himself from his comments. Like the verdict or not, if rendered by the legal authorities it must be honored. Ohana has failed and is blind to the law in favor of his pal Bibi. I wonder if his husband shares his opinions.

Speaking “dugri”, Netanyahu’s delusional self-grandeur and egoistic pride will only serve his eventual fall.

And fall he will because fall he must. He used the law to gain personal benefits, political and financial.

I credit him for the many outstanding years of his service to our country but I fault him for the most recent activities which have led to the smearing of a once-but-never-again good name.

He is a man who needs the guidance of his wife and older son to make decisions. Sara will tell him who is right for a certain position and who he should consider firing. Yair may tell him how to use bad language to his personal benefit: “praise the haredim who support you and curse the f—-n Arabs.”

Coincidentally, two former statesmen come to mind as truly “dugri-ists” One was our late and best prime minister, Menachem Begin and the other was the president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat.

Both men said it as they saw it. The words were plain, not tinted nor distorted. When it came to speaking about a possible peace. both men, respecting one another, looked at facts and possibilities and spoke a “dugri” which ended years of brutal wars and led the way to peace… our first peace with a major and important Arab country.

An Israeli prime minister who has the audacity to publicly call Arab members of our Knesset, Israeli citizens equal under our laws, “terrorists” or “traitors” or even words too vile to print, has fallen from his position as our national leader and has become a national disgrace.

He does not have to personally love Arabs, but they are citizens as he is a citizen of the State of Israel, duly and democratically elected to serve as lawmakers in our parliament. And as such, they are deserving of respect and common polite courtesy.

I have had the honor of being received by two Israeli presidents, two Israeli foreign ministers,one Israeli prime minister and one Israeli minister of defense.

When I came back from a 1973 visit to Egypt, on a foreign passport, Kol Yisrael Broadcasting contacted me to arrange for an interview of my views. And my views of Egypt in my visit in 1973 were totally positive.

When I met with Shimon Peres who, at the time was minister of defense, I shared with him my belief that a peace with Egypt seemed to be not too far away. His response to me was “tov lachlom chalomot”, it is good to dream dreams. He could not envision a peace in the near future. His “dugri” failed !

“Dugri”… telling things as they are or appear to be requires a skill that not everyone has. In Israel, particularly, we have too few in government circles who know the magic of that phrase.

Netanyau’s problem is that he thinks too highly of himself. His warped ego cannot permit him to accept a mistake. That is his destiny. And he should have remembered that pride goeth before a fall.

He is like Humpty-Dumpty who had a great fall. All the king’s men could not patch him up again.

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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