Andrew D. Lappin

Put a stop on the check that we gave Iran for $6B

If ever there was a bad idea,( giving Iran $6B) today’s massacre of 200 Israeli civilians by Hamas and Islamic Jihad ( both controlled and funded by Iran) firmly cements the point without question. I wonder if Joe Biden, Kamala, Tony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, John Kerry, or Robert Malley have yet connected the dots. Might there be a collective humbling of this group who now for all intents are up to their armpits in blood.

This was a well planned and orchestrated attack. It had to have been many months in the making. And of course while the diligent planners were working away, under Iran’s supervision and funding, the mullahs, with deep chest tones were assuring US negotiators that the $6B, frozen and completely out of reach, would if returned to Iran, be directed solely and exclusively for school books and humus. Ignored by the US negotiators were the harried cries of hundreds of thousands of Iranians who over the past year had bravely taken to the public square, protesting the autocratic brutality of the mullahs. Iranian morality police were hunting these protestors down, beating them to death without shame or concern on the streets, and in the case of 300 Iranian school girls, barbarically poisoning them. This brazen brutality was all well documented and globally reported but failed nonetheless to have figured into

And how was the valliant courage of the canary in the coal mine answered? It was not. Instead it was invalidated and squandered. The Biden Administration, chose instead to insure the brutal rule of the mullahs by injecting their fast emptying bank accounts with $6B. And so the mullahs will live for another day but if you are an Iranian protester, desperate for basic human rights and dignity, your aspirations are now snuffed out. If you are an Israeli civilian, depending on where this expanding conflagration goes, you stand a fair chance of losing a wife, a husband, a child or a grandparent.

As we learned with the irrevocably failed 2015 JCPOA Agreement, the Iranians are cunning and remorseless liars and cheaters. If the implosion of the JCPOA were not enough to tarnish the fading veneer of Western determination and reliability, what have we done about Iran’s accelerating export of violent extremism in the region?

I am despondent and disheartened to see the feckless and totally unnecessary appeasement of Iranian despotism. Has anybody in the Biden Administration ever opened a history book?? If Putin’s invasion of Ukraine were not enough, I feel that with this barbarous attack on Israel, that the jaws of autocracy are closing in.

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Andrew D. Lappin is a redeveloper of urban industrial properties. He is a former board member of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the Embers Foundation, the Committe for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA), and serves on The Illinois Policy Board which monitors corporate compliance with the state's anti-BDS statute. The opinions expressed are by Lappin personally and NOT the views of any of the organizations with which he is affiliated.
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